Congratulations Noemi! 🎉
She just got into her dream home with 3,000 sqft, amazing views, all upgraded, UNDER $400K! Now that's happy home buying 💚🏡
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Congrats to our newest homeowner! We found her the perfect condo in Carlsbad overlooking La Costa Golf Course. She closed in just 14 days and got a deal for $6k under asking price! Now that's happy home buying!😀
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Congrats Brenda!
🎉Congratulations to this awesome young single Military mother who just landed her dream home! With the help of The Bottrell Team, she was able to get her VA Loan funded in 16 days!
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“I was looking around new to the area when I got set up on an appointment with The Bottrell Team. We interviewed several agents but there was only one that really stood out. What we learned from that process was that we were wasting our time interviewing other agents. The Bottrell Team took  time, had patience, gave us knowledge and insight every step of the way. We not only gained a mentor and help, we gained a life long friend who genuinely cared about my family and I and our best needs always ahead of their own. I had no hesitation to hire The Bottrell Team and they immediately had an action plan for me to assure that I could find something within my price range that would fit my families needs. They scheduled showings, helped us get financing advice/help, as well as negotiated every aspect of our transaction. Everything was always what was in OUR best interest and The Bottrell Team had soon negotiated our buying price and terms to ensure we had our First home and Dream home in a timely manner within 30 days so my kids could start attending school in our new area without wasting too much time. I wasn’t in a hurry to move however, The Bottrell Team showed us how much we were throwing away on rent and we decided to go ahead and trust them throughout the entire process and could not be more thankful or happy! They had a process and systems for everything including the offer they created which won the sellers heart over and won us the home we wanted so badly as well. We would recommend The Bottrell Team to anyone we know and are so thankful we used them to purchase our first home which has an incredible view of the entire city and plenty of space for my kids to run around and play. The level of professionalism and expertise we got from working with The Bottrell Team was something that we never could have imagined and now I am a more knowledgeable home owner thanks to them.” -Cara

“I always leave feedback on services I receive and I am so pleased to be able to share my experience working with The Bottrell Team. We were looking to move to be closer to family and have our children attend school with their cousins. This was our first home purchase and we were pretty nervous. We had talked with a few other realtors but decided to go with the Bottrell Team because of their knowledge, their sincerity, enthusiasm, constant communication, honesty, and patience. We had a deadline to meet in our search as our children were going to be starting school and we had specific things we were looking for in a forever home so there were many challenges and they were all met with ease! We found our home and were moved in before school started and I must say it was pretty amazing! If you are looking for a team that exceeds your expectations and does what they promise, contact the Bottrell Team!” -Stephanie

“After a long time in our community, we had to move as our family had expanded and we had outgrown our home. We were referred to The Bottrell Team amongst other agents. After meeting with Jim Bottrell, we were extremely impressed with the level of care, time, and attention that he and the rest of  the team are willing to dedicate to their clients. My husband and I own our business and we simply do not have time for inconvenience, inefficiency, and the worst of all – “do-overs”. Importantly, we wanted to ensure a transaction where things were done quickly and correctly, the first time. We decided on The Bottrell Team because of their track record and, honestly speaking, because of other clients’ experiences. As it turns out, the reviews were accurate. The Bottrell Team had all of the systems, techniques, and the track record to ensure success. As many others have said, they had a plan, one that was written down, and they worked the plan. Jim and the team’s experience, support and guidance were instrumental in ensuring the entire process was timely and effective. Their pre-marketing campaign worked perfectly and the first weekend we had multiple offers on our home. The Bottrell Team used their three stage negotiation system (they explained this to us) and we had the ability to choose the correct buyer with the correct financing and the best agent. Yes, the Buyers paid over asking price too! We closed on time, problems were handled, and we were able to move on with the next stage of our lives. Overall, The Bottrell Team is a truly professional and organized team. We could not possibly be happier with The Bottrell Team and you will be too!” -Sarah

“After having two different agents fail to sell my home over the course of a year, I was tired being inconvenienced with people going in and out of my home and not receiving any offers at all. After interviewing a few different agents, I hired the Bottrell Team to sell my home. Immediately things  were different. First, they had a plan! A plan that was significantly more detailed than what the other agents were doing. The agents that I previously hired seemed to me like they were simply taking some pictures, writing a sentence or two in the description, and posting it to the internet and hoping that some other agent would bring along a buyer for my home. The Bottrell Team was very different from that right from the beginning. They spent a lot of time showing me the levels of how they market homes, what their strategies were, and the specifics of how they negotiate offers. It really was surprising that they have so many levels of detail but then again not so surprising when you look at how many more homes they sell over the average agent. The Bottrell Team really does it different than everybody else. Within 10 days the Bottrell Team had negotiated a full-price offer on my home. I was really surprised. The Bottrell Team sold my home in just 10 days when others had failed to sell it for nearly a year. I learned that choosing the right agent really does make a difference! I highly recommend hiring the Bottrell Team to sell your home. After going through what I did, I really wish I would have hired them the first time. That would have saved me a lot of hassle and heartache. Call The Bottrell Team. You will be glad you did.” -Olga

“The Bottrell Team Instant Cash Offer is REAL! As a recent New York resident, I found myself in an interesting situation with a home in Southern California that I wanted to sell. It’s hard to pick a realtor when there is no way to meet them face to face. I was introduced to The Bottrell Team by a  trusted friend. I’m glad I was. They were terrific. They facilitated the transition from the outgoing tenants and kept me informed all along the way. Once the tenant was out and we were able to view the condition of the home (The Bottrell Team sent me pictures). We then reviewed the marketing options for the home as well as discussed the overall condition of the market. Given the situation I was in, The Bottrell Team gave me three options as to how to sell my home: 1. Do all repairs and sell for full retail (or more). 2. Do limited repairs and sell for probably a little under retail 3. Take The Bottrell Teams Instant Cash Offer and simply walk away from the home with a check in my hand. No hassles, no worries. After some thought , I opted for the Instant Cash Offer. I had things to do and I needed to get on with my life. As promised, The Bottrell Team closed escrow in exactly 10 days and there were no adjustments made to the price, no requests for repairs made. The only things that happened were the exact things that they promised: They paid the agreed upon price for the home and they closed escrow in 10 days. I really appreciate The Bottrell Team for all they did. They made a very difficult situation extremely easy and they did everything they said they would do. I’d highly recommend The Bottrell Team to anybody looking to buy or sell a home. I have never encountered a real estate team that runs like they do. Thanks!” -RCH

“So we were randomly driving to the San Marcos area because it was midway between Camp Pendleton and Miramar. My husband and I are dual active service members and would be working at each base. My husband looks up realtors online when he comes across one that was nothing but 5 star reviews. We  take a chance and just stop by without notice. It was the best decision we could of done. We got a chance to meet Jim and some of his team that first day even though we had no appointment and were a surprise. We spoke about the things we were looking for and he listened and gave us information about the California market. After that we got a chance to work with Craig and it took off. We found a home quickly and he was always available for questions or concerns. The Bottrell team are a family and you feel like you are a part of the family. The experience doesn’t end after purchasing a house it’s a genuine friendship and family atmosphere that is developed. We highly recommend them it has been a true blessing!!!” -Natalie

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