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Over the past 24 months, The Jim Bottrell Team’s listings have sold for an average of 3.8% MORE MONEY than the average agent sold their listing for. On a home like yours, that could be well over $24,000 MORE MONEY in your pocket because you chose The Jim Bottrell Team to sell your home over another agent.

Homes Sold

Over the last 24 months, The Jim Bottrell Team has sold 559 homes. During that same period of time, the average agent sold just 6. That’s almost 66 times as many homes as the average agent sold. Because we sell more homes, we can do more to sell your home!

More Likely to Successfully Sell Your Home

Over the last 24 months, The Jim Bottrell Team has successfully sold 93.6% of our listings. During that same time, the average agent has successfully sold their listings just 61.7% of the time. That means that the average agent will successfully sell your home only two-thirds to three-quarters of the time… while with The Jim Bottrell Team… selling your home is pretty much a sure thing!

Sell Your Home Fast!

Over the last 24 months, The Jim Bottrell Team’s average time on the market is just 17 days while the average agent sells in 47 days. That is IF they sell the home at all – the 47 days does not include the 26.7% of the homes that languish on the market forever and never sold at all.

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