Real Estate Investor Seminar

Do You Know the Full Benefits of INVESTING in Real Estate?


Learn exactly how 80% of the millionaires in the United States became millionaires.   At this seminar you will learn the detailed secrets of how most millionaires become millionaires through simple “buy and hold” real estate investment strategies.

Do you know the difference between the stock market and rental properties? When you tune in Jim Bottrell will teach you how to analyze real estate investments and how to take advantage of San Diego’s unique market. Investing in real estate offers cash flow, capital gains, tax advantages and secures your financial future, don’t miss out.

Key Benefits


  • The different ways to invest even a small amount of money and the massively different results of each way
  • A step by step guide on how to become a millionaire yourself through real estate
  • The specific Do’s and Don’ts of choosing which homes to own
  • Real Estate investment returns over time and how to properly calculate them
  • The surprisingly simple ways to own rental properties


  • How to select the best renters
  • How to have renters pay for your kids inheritance
  • How to have renters pay for YOUR retirement (vs. you paying for theirs)
  • The remarkable advantages of owning homes and investment properties
  • How to keep your rental properties rented all of the time

I was first introduced to the Jim Bottrell Team by a friend and former colleague who knew I needed to sell my triplex investment property. We knew this would be a tough job because I needed to do a concurrent transaction for 1031 exchanges in the middle of the 2019 holiday season. I met with one of Jim’s listing specialists, and I was impressed by their comprehensive marketing campaign. This team is serious about utilizing every possible technique to gain huge market exposure and maximize sale value. I received five offers within our first week on the market, including one with an escalation clause. Jim and his team were extremely attentive to my needs throughout the entire process. They provided Superior negotiations and Excellent communication every step of the way. Within 14 days my property was sold for full asking price, which allowed me to secure over 7% of annual appreciation!

Jason | Zillow

I own rental properties in Hemet, one of my renters that was working with the Bottrell Team asked if I would sell one to him and his family. I told him to have his agent call me. Without knowing anything about the Bottrell Team, his agent called me right away. We discussed what my concerns were, and what I needed to net. The Bottrell Team called me back with comps, and a game plan to make this deal work. Throughout the entire process our Agent kept me up to date, and answered any questions I had right away. Everything that we agreed to, happened and timelines that were made were kept! This was a smooth transaction and I appreciate all the hard work the Bottrell Team put in to make this happen effortlessly.

Mike | Zillow

Jim negotiated us into a wonderful house at a fantastic deal on the home and we used our VA benefits to buy the home with no money down. A couple of years later, we received orders and had to move across the country. We notified Jim and discussed the options of whether to make our home a rental property or sell it immediately. Interestingly enough, Jim said “DONT SELL!”. Jim’s team has a property management division so he took care of that for us too. They found great renters for us and took care of any problems that occurred while the renters lived in our home. He was happy to help us and took nearly 2 hours walking us through “big picture” finance and “the velocity of money” – which was a term that we had never heard of before. Needless to say, after our 2 hour conversation we were extremely knowledgeable about the process and exactly how we should position our money to achieve maximum return on our money.

Adam and Jamie | Zillow
Jim Bottrell, Broker/Founder

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