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9/15/2020 - Zillow

We started looking for a home for our family and as a first time home buyer were very skeptical of the process and nervous. We met with The Bottrell Team at their office in which they presented us with education to help guide us through the process. We quickly found a home we loved and they promised us that they would help us with anything we needed and protect us and that's exactly what they did. We got into escrow on a property we thought was a perfect fit and then realized it was truly not going to work at that moment and The Bottrell Team had our best interest first and foremost the entire time and got us out of that without a penny wasted. Then a month later we started looking again and the one thing we truly wanted was a POOL, which right now are hard to find and we kept missing out or getting outbid on homes.
The Bottrell Team scheduled showings, ran numbers for me to make sure I was comfortable with each house and payment as well as explained the process to me about making an offer. The agent we had on The Bottrell Team told us about a coming soon listing they had and we ended up getting it locked into escrow at a price that made the sellers happy but without it hitting the market or seeing it! Once the sellers had an offer that was fair to them enough to not hit the market and then we got to see our home and fell in love right from walking in! Since then we have had nothing but help, advice, knowledge and guidance and we just closed on this dream home with a beautiful yard and pool!
While we were skeptical at first of the process we couldn't be more excited for the way things worked out and moving into our new dream home! The Bottrell Team was there every step of the way to help guide me and keep things at a forward moving pace to make sure I could end up in my home I love! We are so thankful, and glad we met The Bottrell Team and a lifelong friend we found in them!!! - Jason and Rita

9/11/2020 - Zillow

We met someone that worked as part of The
Bottrell Team at school doing behind the scenes stuff. She became and shared
knowledge with us about what they do and the process of educating us as first
time home buyers. She introduced us to a Team Lead, who came over and showed us
a world of knowledge regarding renting versus owning and next steps to fit our
life and needs the most. We were utilizing the VA loan and not in any rush but
at the same time couldn't wait to own a home! The Bottrell Team coordinated
showings and got us looking right away as we were so excited. We had a wide
search however we narrowed down areas that were best for us and our future. We
fell in love with two houses in Santee and ended up making two offers as the
market was crazy and we kept getting out bid! The Bottrell Team was
knowledgeable about our situation and what was happening with appraisals and
that we didn't want to gap one so we couldn't compete with some of the buyers
out there. Funny enough for us, what's meant to be will come true! We lost both
houses and put a pause on our search as we were afraid the market was just too
much right now. A week and a half later one of the agents called our agent of
one of the offers we had submitted as their buyer fell out of escrow for family
emergency reasons. He called and gave us the option instead of going back to
market with the house to open escrow and they had already come down to appraised
value so we didn't have the uncertainty (which was less than our original offer
anyways). He was impressed and knew our agent and lender could get the job done
due to the professionalism of our offer and package! Now we are closing on
a perfect little detached home, with an incredible yard that will be perfect for
starting a family! We have been so happy with our experience all around that we
even referred one of my lifelong friends to use The Bottrell Team as well! The
knowledge and help all the way around have been beyond what we could

9/10/2020 - Zillow

The Bottrell Team was able to get $35k over our asking price for my home! My wife and I were looking to move to a quieter neighborhood as we enter the next phase of our lives, nearing retirement. I stumbled across the Bottrell Team while looking at houses on Zillow. We were connected to someone immediately and scheduled an appointment to discuss the sale of our home. From the beginning, I was impressed with the team and their focus on getting top dollar for our home. They explained the market to me and let me decide what price to sell my home for and I am so glad they took the time to explain why they do what they do. The same agent also helped us find our replacement home and we didn't have to go a single dollar above asking price to get the home! We are so happy that we had a win/win situation selling and buying a new home in this market. After receiving so many offers on our home, we were nervous that we would have to do the same to get a great home, but we didn't! Not only did they sell my home the very first weekend, for much more than expected, but also helped me to get into our next home without any issues, in a market like this is impressive and exactly what I was hoping for the whole time. My wife and I are now excited to have our forever home and make it our own! If you are considering selling your home in this market, be sure you have a team that can get the job done, like the Bottrell Team!

9/02/2020 - Zillow

We knew we wanted to become homeowners and were hoping for sooner than later but had no idea where to start. When we met the Bottrell team it was very clear what we needed to do in order to achieve our goal. They were very thorough and specific about how the process would work. They left us with minimal questions, and when any arose we were able to reach out at any time and get our answer. Our agent was knowledgeable and made us a priority with seeing our needs were met accurately and quickly. He empowered us and educated us through every step of the way. We felt at ease during the entire process through our agent’s transparency and honesty. We were made aware of the competitive market and with the Bottrell team guidance, we were able to beat out 15 other offers and capture our dream home. We are very grateful for them helping make our dream come true. We would highly recommend the Bottrell team to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home.

8/26/2020 - Zillow

Sold my home
quickly and for $25k above asking in the middle of this Pandemic. I met with the
Bottrell Team back in March of this year. I was gifted my Grandmas home in
Montclair and felt it was time to sell and move closer to my Mom. Up until this
point I have never bought or sold a home so I knew I needed a team with tons of
expertise and skills. The Bottrell Team embodies that to a tee. My agent was
knowledgeable and understood the process of having to sell and buy at the same
time. You could tell this wasn’t their first rodeo. She came to my home and
gave me some helpful tips on what to do to prepare it for sale, and advise on
what to do to make sure I get top dollar! We had several showings on the first
day of going active. I decided to accept an offer from a family that I knew
would love and care for my home the same way my family did for over 60 years. Since I was also
purchasing a home, my agent negotiated for me to remain in possession for a few
days after closing to make for a smooth transition into my new home. I really
couldn’t have made this move without the Bottrell Team by my side. They led me
every step of the way and for that I am so grateful!

8/22/2020 - Zillow

After my father passed away it was up to me to sell the home he had lived in for over 30 years. It all seemed so overwhelming at first, but The Bottrell Team helped me throughout the whole process. They were there when I needed advice about updates that needed to be made to the home and helped me bring the home into the 21st century. When it came time to put the home on the market they absolutely packed the first weekend with showings, and we received multiple offers! My agent reviewed all the offers clearly with me, and helped me decide on the best one. Not only that, but they made the escrow period so smooth. It's been a while since I bought my own home, but I was amazed at the level of service and how little hassle there was. The Bottrell Team took care of everything for me except for the signature!

Stephanie N.
8/14/2020 - Zillow

I was beginning the stages of looking for a home when I spoke to one of my life long friends who had just met and was in the process of working with The Bottrell Team. She gave me the name and number of the agent from The Bottrell Team to contact and right away we had a phone call and started
showings within that week! We had a lease that was ending soon but this was our
first time dealing or being in the process. We didn't even know what we qualified for or necessarily a specific area. Right away they got us in touch with their preferred lender who had us approved in a day!
Right from the beginning I knew between the Real Estate Side and Loan side I was in good
hands and the communication was 5 star customer service, so I decided to trust
them on my journey on finding my first home and forever home!

The Bottrell Team scheduled showings, ran numbers for me to make sure I was comfortable with each house and payment as well as explained the process to me about making an offer. Once we made the offer they
helped guide me through the process step by step. We had a shorter escrow which
was perfect for a vacant property as it helped us beat out the other buyer! The Bottrell Team was able to help negotiate an offer and get me in escrow in this crazy market on a pretty new home which I knew I would spend forever with my family! They had a perfect offer package which includes good communication with the agent and got us into the home we absolutely loved!
This was a pretty seamless, easy transaction minus all of the amounts of paperwork at a quick speed. Between The Bottrell Team and the lender, Cross Country, they worked simultaneously together to make this all
happen on time so we could get out of our rental and into our new home to enjoy
the pool for the summer! We are thankful our friend referred us to The Bottrell Team and would use and refer them to others as well!

8/05/2020 - Zillow

I had been working with an agent and lender briefly before my neighbor introduced me to The Bottrell Team. Right from the beginning I knew between the Real Estate Side and Loan side I was in much better hands. The communication was already way better, so I decided to trust them on my journey on finding my first home and forever home!

The Bottrell Team scheduled showings, ran numbers for me to make sure I was comfortable with each house and payment as well as explained the process to me about making an offer. Then we made an Offer on a home I loved that had been sitting on the market and the agent was about to actually pull it off of the market. The Bottrell Team was able to help negotiate an offer and get me in escrow in this crazy market on a pretty new home which I knew I would spend forever with my family! We were getting out bidded on everything else and this one was meant to be. The agent accepted our offer because of everything The Bottrell Team does to get an offer accepted. It truly is a Perfect Offer Package!

While we had a lot of hurdles throughout the process and it ended up being longer than normal due to unforeseen things. The Bottrell Team was there every step of the way to help guide me and keep things at a forward moving pace to make sure I could end up in my home I love! We just closed last week and I was beyond excited and eager to finish the process and get my family into my brand new home! We are so thankful, and glad we met The Bottrell Team!!!

Chris L.
7/30/2020 - Zillow

We were thinking about relocating to Houston but had questions about timing. After looking at all the real estate agents in the area, we decided to go forward with the Bottrell team and invite one of their agents to come talk with us. That conversation helped us decide to put our home on the market and everything about their plan worked out well. We worked together on a pricing strategy that drove many "over the asking price" offers (after three days packed with showings). We had 4 offers from The Bottrell Team’s buyer’s along with 10 more from other agents and we finally accepted an offer at $50k+ over our asking price. We were extremely satisfied with our experience with The Bottrell Team and would definitely recommend them to all of our friends and family!

7/29/2020 - Zillow

We were first referred to The Jim Bottrell Team from a friend who had purchased their home through the team earlier in the year, and we are VERY THANKFUL for the recommendation.

After meeting the agent and going over all the details with us, we were confident we would purchase.
The agent went over the entire process with us, as well as all the benefits to working with a knowledgeable team of agents, and in a short time we found our property, and The Bottrell Team went to work negotiating the best home for our needs, negotiated the best price, and secured the best financing, as they recommended a lender with quick closing speed for a more enticing offer. They even negotiated some closing cost and repairs! We were able to get our offer accepted and opened escrow quickly over other offers because of there skill, and we were impressed with the package that was put together to present. The agent was in constant communication throughout the entire process. We were First Time home Buyers so we needed guidance throughout, and they were available every step of the way. The Bottrell Team was more than able to keep the whole process smooth and hassle free, and was able to get us into our home in 19 days! We are so happy we were recommended to them, and will now recommend them to anyone we know.

Being a first time home buyer can be a very scary journey, but definitely not with this team. They make you feel like you’re family every step of the way!

This truly is a 5 start team with 5 star abilities to get the job done. Thank You Bottrell Team for all the work you did to help make our home buying dreams a reality!

The Wilmarth family

Shelby B.
7/27/2020 - Zillow

We are a military family and we were living on the
base, until we found the house of our dreams. We had been searching for what seemed like forever until one day we
clicked on a listing by the Bottrell Team and our lives have been forever
changed. They assigned a Bottrell Team agent that met with us, we made an
offer, and shortly after it was accepted! There were multiple offers on the
home, but being a Marine, and the agents working together, they made it happen.
All of our questions were answered and the escrow was smooth. We closed on time
and could not be happier! We can’t thank our agent enough for her hard work in getting us the home of our dreams.

7/13/2020 - Zillow

As a young and recently married couple we had been saving diligently to purchase our first home, and were determined to make it happen, but we neededa bit of help.and guidance. After meeting with the Bottrell Team we knew we were in good hands. The whole process was expalined to us in detail. We filled out the loan application with our agent Jessica and soon after we pre-qualified! We immediately went looking at homes and submitted offers. In this tough market and on our budget we were beat out in other offers, however, on one of the homes that we lost out on we were accepted after a second try when the previous escrow fell out. There were multiple offers on the home, but thankfully Jessica stopped at nothing to help us fulfill our dream of owning this home. It was a tough escrow process due to Covid, and with challenges in the loan process, but the team forged ahead and we are now in our First Home! We are immensely grateful for them for turning this dream into a reality, and we are truly grateful for the effort Jessica put in and for ensuring our personal experience was the best we could get! Thank you!!!

tiffany m.
7/07/2020 - Zillow

The Bottrell Team got all our closing costs paid by the seller and bought our home in 21 Days!! We set an appointment with The Bottrell Team to get more information about buying a home and looking at a few. We were not sure if we were going to be staying in CA or being stationed somewhere else, we are both active duty Military. After sitting down with The Bottrell Team we had a great understanding of what we needed to do to accomplish our goals of home ownership using our VA loan. With COVID there were not a lot of homes to look at, but the one that was our favorite, our agent got us into that home. We didn’t need to look at any others, we knew this one was the one!! We found out the next day we would be staying in CA! Our agent and their preferred lender Cross Country Mortgage went to work! getting us approved and making the offer within hours. They had other offers, but because of The Bottrell Team’s negotiating skills, knowledge on how to get offers accepted, and their lender that could do a 21 day escrow. Our offer is the one the seller chose and we couldn’t have been more excited! The whole escrow process went smooth and any questions we had were answered promptly. We had such an enjoyable home buying experience and we are thankful for The Bottrell Team and all their hard work.

7/01/2020 - Zillow

It is our absolute pleasure to have an opportunity to recommend The Bottrell Team, a truly exceptional real estate team.
We lived in Pacific Beach and wanted to move to North San Diego County. Our experience with the Bottrell Team began not very long ago when we decided we were interested in buying a property in the Oceanside area. The Bottrell Team was very well versed in the real estate industry as a whole and brought remarkable knowledge of the Oceanside market. They possess a sincere desire to strive and deliver exactly what their clients are searching for.

We put off our search for a short period of time and then as soon as we were ready The Bottrell Team hopped on it and helped us to start looking. The Bottrell Team put together 5 houses that fit our requirements perfectly. We never dreamt we would find the perfect house on the first day we searched. We put in an offer immediately, The Bottrell Team knew exactly how to write a strong offer that would be accepted by the Seller. We were extremely impressed with the information they diligently prepared for us. Within three days, they were able to have the house inspected. We credit the entire Bottrell Team with a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience.

The Bottrell Team was always reachable and promptly responsive, regardless of the hour or day of the week. They were responsive to our every question or concern and had an amazing ability to deal with and assuage our stress.

We had such a pleasurable experience. The Bottrell Team is savvy, personable and knows the market inside and out. We would recommend The Bottrell Team to anyone who is looking to have a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience.

Mark C.
6/30/2020 - Zillow

Wow!!! As a 1st time buyer (I actually put off buying longer than I should have because of all of the horror stories) ... Enter our Super Hero ... Heather Wedmore... every time anything came up or we didn’t know... “Call Heather”. she went above and beyond making the process simple and putting our minds at ease, she listened to our wants & problems & got things handled quickly & yes she got us into our dream home ... if you’re in the market to buy a home call Jim Bottrell and his team at Cross County & ask for Heather ... & your dreams can come true also ?? Mark Cole & Co ????????????

6/23/2020 - Zillow

My husband and I are both Marines, I am a former and my husband is active duty. We received orders to Southern California and were referred to the Bottrell Team by another military family who had recently relocated to the East coast. We’ve owned homes before and knew what to expect of an agent. They had nothing but great feedback from working with their team, so we gave them a call. Despite having never been to the West coast, the Bottrell Team put us at ease, guaranteeing that if we were not happy with the home we bought with them, they could buy it back. We were comforted by the fact that Jim himself was a Marine for over 10 years and frequently works with many military families using their VA loan. We have lived happily in our home for the past 4 years and now needed to sell before relocating once more. When we recently received our new orders, calling Jim’s team was a no-brainer. We knew their work ethic and were confident that they would be able to market our home the most efficiently. The Bottrell Team has a marketing system that often times allows them to sell their homes before they even hit the market, which can save immense time and hassle. They were able to find several interested parties and negotiate the highest and best offer for us. They understand the military way of doing business and we will continue to recommend them to anyone in the market to buy or sell a home.

6/18/2020 - Zillow

I was looking around online as I was about to be relocated from Texas back to Sunny San Diego mid pandemic when I got set up on an appointment with The Bottrell Team. I had worked with other agents a month or so before and had even written an offer with another agent before I met The Bottrell Team and Jaclyn Roben. What I learned was that the Bottrell Team immediately wanted to genuinely HELP me even from afar and took the time to get on what I needed and get out there using safety measures to do virtual showings for me. The Bottrell Team took time, had patience, gave me knowledge and insight every step of the way. I not only gained help, I gained a life long friend who genuinely cared about my needs and always put my best needs always ahead of their own.

I had no hesitation to hire The Bottrell Team and they immediately had an action plan for me to assure that I could find something within my price range that would fit my needs during such a time. They scheduled showings, helped me get financing advice/help, as well as negotiated every aspect of my transaction including up to $8400 in closing costs and $10,000 under ASKING PRICE. Everything was always what was in MY best interest and The Bottrell Team had soon negotiated the buying price and terms to ensure I wasn't rushed and could close to fit my schedule as well as got the best deal out there. Jaclyn even went above and beyond to make sure I virtually saw every listing and had a video recording to review. It was the easiest process.

I wasn't in a hurry to move however, The Bottrell Team showed me things within budget, didn't try to force anything, and truly guided me through the process of buying my first home! They had a process and systems for everything including the offer they created which won the seller's heart over and won me the home I wanted so badly as well. I would recommend The Bottrell Team to anyone I know and am so thankful I used them to purchase my first home. The level of professionalism and expertise I got from working with The Bottrell Team was something that we never could have imagined and now I am a more knowledgeable homeowner thanks to them!

6/10/2020 - Zillow

Despite all of the Coronavirus problems, my agent with the Bottrell Team was able to keep my deal together so that I could close escrow on my home and buy my new home in Florida! Everything went like clockwork with the sale of my home. I even received multiple offers that drove up the final sales price. From the start, all the way to the very last days of escrow, everything was great- until it wasn't. The buyers all of the sudden were having an issue with their lender and apparently when they had to verify their income, there was a problem as the buyer was no longer working (due to the pandemic) and showed very little income. Luckily my agent had experienced this before and knew to take action right away. He got on the phone and was able to get the buyers to use a different lender and ended up closing with the same buyers! I was quite relieved as I had already packed and shipped my belongings over to Florida and left when I had originally planned. My agent with the Bottrell Team was able to handle the rest of the close for me remotely from the East Coast. I am so glad that I now have my home here in Florida to relax and enjoy my retirement. Give the Bottrell Team a call, they know what they are doing and can get the job done!

6/08/2020 - Zillow

Received $5000 in closing costs paid by the builder!

I met with the Bottrell Team at one of their VA seminars where they teach veterans and military families how to use their VA loan to buy a home. I knew that I eventually wanted to own my own home and thought it would be a good idea to start educating myself on the process. I also wanted more information on how to get the most out of my VA benefits. The seminar was very informative and addressed a lot of common misunderstandings about the VA loan. They demonstrated how easy and secure it was. After the seminar, one of the Bottrell Team agents approached me and offered a one on one meeting to discuss my specific situation.

At first I was hesitant as I felt that I wasn’t ready to make such a big step yet. However, my agent explained that it was a process and I appreciated her patience from the beginning. She made me feel very comfortable and simply guided me to the right decisions through education. We explored different cities and different neighborhoods to make sure I knew of all my options. She also took me to look at new construction homes, one of which I ended up choosing. Overall I had a great experience buying my first home with The Bottrell Team. It was scary at first, but with their unwavering support, it ended up being a very positive outcome. Thanks to the Bottrell Team, I finally feel like I'm “adulting!"

Ina S.
5/28/2020 - Zillow

Thank you Bottrell Team for all your hard work and dedication! As first time home buyers we needed an agent to really explain the process and have our best interest in mind. We had met with an agent before and we did not have a great experience. After sitting down with The Bottrell Team, they went to work on finding us the perfect house. We take care of our parents and have children and needed to find something that worked for us as a family. They stopped at nothing to find us the perfect house! The Bottrell Team helped us every step of the way and stopped at nothing to make sure the escrow went as smooth as possible. Checking in daily and making sure everyone on the other side of this transaction did what they needed to do as well! Even stepped in to cover some repairs to make this home work for us! Not all agents are the same and we have proof! We cannot say enough how awesome The Bottrell Team is!!! Not only are we now home owners, but now know how to generate wealth for our family and can’t wait until we can buy another home in the future. We’re so thankful for The Bottrell Team, we’ve made a friend and a forever Realtor!

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