The Bottrell Team got us the house we wanted and saved us $22,000! Starting the process of looking for our first home together, we were concerned about what protections we would have, and about avoiding the bad experiences some of our friends have had working with other companies. Our agent took the time to go over everything to expect, and to give us a long-term vision of the value of owing our first home, and what it could do for our future. We began the search and had to stop for a few months while we attended to family matters, and when we came back, our agent helped us identify a house that we loved. It was a popular house, and we beat out over 20 offers on the house, and everything was negotiated in our favor. When there was an appraisal issue, our agent rose to the challenge and fought to get an adjustment that saved up from having to come out of pocket for any more cash. Now we are finishing up in preparation to move, and we are looking forward to our life in our new home. I will recommend the Bottrell Team to all of our friends and family, or anyone who needs help making a move and will definitely be using them again when the time comes!


I met Elizabeth 2 years ago and I found her through Zillow. We met at a Starbucks near by and from the onset she made a great first impression. Elizabeth was very punctual. She was very kind , humble and very passionate about real estate. She told me how she was apart of Bottrell team and shared with me Jim Bottrells vision and journey. I was immediately inspired. She took her time to explain the process and laid it out how attainable it was for me to embark on my own journey of buying my first house. We immediately starting looking for homes and I was able to find the house of my dreams. She told me exactly what I needed to do in order secure this house and I followed her instructions. I was able to get my offer accepted. Unfortunately due to personal reasons I had to back out. Elizabeth never gave up on me. She made an effort over a two year span to always keep in touch and encourage me to continue to pursue my dream of owning a home. Finally I recently contacted her to initiate the process once again and now I feel more confident than ever working with her that I will achieve my dream of owning my own home soon. Elizabeth recently shared her own personal journey that she was inspired to embark on by the vision of Jim Bottrell and his experience. Elizabeth not only passionate about helping others achieve their dreams. She also shared with me her personal experience of owning her own home independently on her own. She is the example and that gives me great confidence in her moving forward. I would recommend and will recommend Elizabeth and the Bottrell team to my friends and coworkers. I am a veteran and the Bottrell team specializes in helping veteran achieve the honor of becoming home owners. Thank you to Elizabeth and Bottrell team. I look forward to working with you in the future and I am confident I will be a home owner soon.


We are so grateful for the Jim Bottrell
Team. When we were first thinking about moving, we were especially concerned
about timing the sale of our home to overlap with the purchase of another. After
speaking with the Bottrell Team they guaranteed that we would not be stuck with
two mortgages, which was reassuring since that was our concern. After meeting
with the team leader we got going on the sale of our home and it went into
escrow within the first week of being active for more money than we were asking!
We then began our search for a replacement property and our agent used their
skills to get our offer accepted for us on the home we wanted. The
Bottrell Team knows how to protect you as a buyer and seller as well as how to
negotiate and keep you informed during the entire process of a transaction. The
Bottrell Team went above and beyond to make sure that our family in the end had
what we needed in our first dream home, and were completely satisfied. We will
definitely be recommending the Bottrell Team.


My wife and I are newlyweds (we had our
first anniversary during this process) and we started looking to buy a home. We
met The Jim Bottrell Team and had a few huge disappointments on our first few
offers. We were beat out by cash offers two different times and began to get
frustrated. The Bottrell Team kept on looking for properties focus and were
available any time to see any properties. Our agent was incredibly encouraging,
informative and patient with us which was greatly appreciated. We had so many
questions regarding the overall process, but every single thing was addressed
with information, care and concern. When we found the perfect home to suit our
needs,our agent was able to get our offer accepted even though there were
multiple offers being countered. We were so excited!! They helped us secure
financing with their preferred lender, and they were available anytime we called
them. We would highly recommend anyone looking to buy a home to choose the
Bottrell Team. We are forever grateful!


What can I say? The team is A-1. None quite like it. I appreciated the services, top all the way down. They’re great. I was speechless with how prompt and willing to work with my schedule they were. Recommend to anyone


Got into our first home with $6000 in
closing costs paid by the seller. This has been quite the journey for my daughter and I. I had been searching for a long time, and worked with a few
other realtors that just couldn't get me to the finish line. I came across the The Bottrell Team and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with them. My agent took the time to sit with me and discuss my goals and educate me on the process. She showed me the secret as to why wealthy people are wealthy and why renters are not. She genuinely cared about not just selling me a house, but making sure I set myself and my daughter up for success. It was more than just a transaction
for them, it was about changing our lives for the better. She took the time to show us different options in different areas of North County. We came across the perfect townhome in a quiet community in Escondido. It was the perfect size for
my daughter and I. She also put me in contact with their lender who guided me through the financial side of this process. This was my first time purchasing a home so everything was very new to me. It was overwhelming at times, however The Bottrell Team stuck by my side and didn't let me give up. They knew what my goals were and pushed me to accomplish it. I am so
grateful for this team and all they have done. I’m proud to call myself a homeowner and be able to share this with my daughter. Thank you Bottrell

Kesha D.

I am so thankful and appreciative of the Jim Bottrell team of Ardent Real Estate, as they eased the process every step of the way as I became a first time home buyer. Every question answered. Every nervous phone call or email, they were available. Consistently informative and thorough. And very understanding to where I am in life and what my goals are.

I do not simply recommend their whole team (which had a family quality I might add) to veterans; they are certainly the people to work with if you're looking for the best. Thanks guys!


Thank you to The Jim Bottrell Team for helping us to
buy our very first home! We were previously working with another agent for about
three months, and we were unable to find anything within our budget that we
loved. That’s when we attended one of the Jim Bottrell Team’s online VA
Workshops. Only TWO WEEKS after meeting with them we were in escrow beating out
15 other offers!!! The Bottrell Team definitely has their ways of getting their
offers accepted faster. Our agent always had our best interest in mind and was
communicative throughout our escrow. They also recommended an amazing lender who
they worked with for a smooth transaction and were able to close in just over 21
days. The entire Bottrell Team was helpful throughout the home-buying process.
We are so thankful for The Bottrell Team that we are no longer throwing away our
money on rent and have a home for us and our dogs. We will definitely recommend
this team to our friends and family!

Glenn L.

Jim Bottrell and his team where really good and efficient with the paperwork process as well as getting our offer accepted! We are happy but just a few things were missed in the negotiations process. Just make sure to look at every single thing when buying a home I unfortunately missed there was an issue with the fencing of the home and neighbor, but it’s all getting sorted out now! Thanks Guys!


The Jim Bottrell Team helped my sister and I to find a retirement home in a very nice 55+ community in Hemet. We found our dream home on the first day of looking with our agent Jessica Ellis. With her expertise, we negotiated $10k off the asking price. The 30-day escrow went fast but Jessica kept us on track the whole way. Could not have been happier with how things turned out. Since Jessica lived in the area, she was able to recommend a painter and other businesses to get us going with work on the new house. We are thankful to have connected with the Jim Bottrell Team and definitely recommend them to others.

Lisa D.

This whole team is very wonderful epically my realtor Viviana. My realtor really was always on top of everything and she helped me to find a home that was affordable and fit my likings. Everyone on this team is very polite and professional. They really do take care of you they are quick and responsive. If it wasn't for this wonderful team don't think I would have ever found my house because they really do work with you a lot. No question is too small or too big for them to answer. They are very knowledgeable as a team and all work well together. I really do appreciate their wonderful service they made this process so smooth especially because I'm working and going to school full time. Thank You Jim Bottrell team


The team is great and Sarah Smith from the team is wonderful. She is patient, very knowledgeable, honest. She is awesome in this department. Very quick with the paper work and negotiations.


Received an offer $15k above asking
BEFORE hitting the market! We decided it was time to leave California and be
closer to our kids on the East Coast. We heard about The Bottrell Team on the
radio and decided to give them a call. We are so happy that we did! Our agent
came to our home right away and discussed some helpful tips on how to get the
house ready for sale. She was professional and extremely knowledgeable. She took
the time to discuss the details and timeframe of our upcoming move to ensure
that everything goes smoothly. The Bottrell Team pre marketed our home and
received an aggressive offer before even hitting the market! We were ecstatic to
say the least. We were in a great position before even hitting the market. We
received multiple offers and our agent did her due diligence to ensure we chose
the best buyer for our home! The entire transaction went so smooth and we were
on our way to our family in no time. Our agent was always available and helpful
throughout this entire process. Thank you Bottrell Team for helping us begin
this new journey in our lives!


Received an offer $15k above asking
BEFORE hitting the market! We decided it was time to leave California and be
closer to our kids on the East Coast. We heard about The Bottrell Team on the
radio and decided to give them a call. We are so happy that we did! Our agent
came to our home right away and discussed some helpful tips on how to get the
house ready for sale. She was professional and extremely knowledgeable. She took
the time to discuss the details and timeframe of our upcoming move to ensure
that everything goes smoothly. The Bottrell Team pre marketed our home and
received an aggressive offer before even hitting the market! We were ecstatic to
say the least. We were in a great position before even hitting the market. We
received multiple offers and our agent did her due diligence to ensure we chose
the best buyer for our home! The entire transaction went so smooth and we were
on our way to our family in no time. Our agent was always available and helpful
throughout this entire process. Thank you Bottrell Team for helping us begin
this new journey in our lives!

Liz R.

Great job selling my house in one showing. However had to call my rep to figure out what was going one. I understand im not the only person you are dealing with. But it would be nice not to have to call for updates.

James H.

Thank you for making my process easy and fast!!!

The Jim Bottrell Team made my home search and purchase extremely easy and hassle free. My Agent Scott Sloane was excellent in paying attention to my requirements in finding a home and when found executing the negotiation process smoothly. It was not an easy task for them since my schedule is limited and most of our work was done electronically or on mobile devices. With the full support of the Jim Bottrell Team behind him, Scott was able to make my home search and purchase very positive.

Thank you Scott and Team for all your dedication and excellent service!

James H.

We worked with Sarah Smith on the Bottrell team and she was AWESOME! 15 other people put bids on the home we wanted and Sarah picked a winning strategy and got us in! She guided us through the entire process and helped us connect with a great lender. Every time I had a question Sarah got back to me promptly and made our first home buying process a breeze. If you want a quality agent definitely go with the Bottrell Team and ask for Sarah Smith, you will get the home you want ??


I am a United States Marine, it's pretty much just me and my dad now. My Dad lives in FL and I’ve been wanting him closer to me since it's just the two of us. I am stationed in Camp Pendleton and wanted something near base…My Dad reached out to the Jim Bottrell Team and we were paired with a great agent. She took the time to explain the benefits of home ownership and the pre-approval and buying process…We were out looking a properties near base and they were a bit over my price range…but we found a home in Bonsall and I fell in love with the area…it’s a short commute to work and it’s a way to get away from work and military life when I get off work and on the weekends. The best part is, my dad will be moving to CA in November so we can be close to one another! I recommend working with the Jim Bottrell Team if you are buying or selling.

Alexandra R.

We tried to sell our house with a different agent, but it didn't sell. We were discouraged and thought that we may not be able to move out of state like we had originally planned. That's when we came across the Bottrell Team on Zillow and everything changed. First and foremost, they are a veteran owned and operated business. To my family, that was very important. Some things are more important to us than money, and a fellow American that has served his country has my business, if they are good. From start to finish, the Bottrell Team got the job done, in a professional manner and allowed us to move on with our lives to the next venture in Idaho. We almost felt stuck until we hired the right team to get the job done and get our home sold. Our family saw first hand that not every home sells right away and that it matters who is marketing the home and how they handle the process from start to finish can be very different, depending on the person or team. Be sure to research your realtor, and find the best one possible....for us, it was the Bottrell Team.

Christian T.

I was in a tight spot and the Bottrell
Team was able to help me out of a foreclosure situation. Unfortunately, I
lost my job and could no longer afford my home. I attempted to sell the
home with a different agent, with no luck. I then decided to research
agents to find the best one who could help me. After meeting with the
Bottrell Team, we came up with a plan and had the home in escrow quickly.
The process was long and tedious with the banks for the short sale process, but
luckily, I had the Bottrell Team on my side. Now the process is complete
and I can move forward with my life. I now have a new job in a different
state and am very happy to be done with that part of my life and no longer have
to worry about creditors calling. This wasn't the easiest transaction, but
it was made manageable with the help of this team. If you are like me, I
have found that you must consider the quality and experience of the agent you
are hiring, just as much as what they charge for their service. I would
highly recommend this team to anyone even considering buying or selling their
home or a short sale, like I did.

Dimitar M.

This is our second time working with The Jim Bottrell Team and we had called them to sell our home when we had such a great experience with them buying our home. We had a lot of reservations and concerns with co-vid and safety as well as other things about the property we just wanted to make sure we were helped and got the most we could for our home. When we met with the Jim Bottrell Team for the listing presentation, we were so impressed with their knowledge and help through the entire process. The quality of service from our agent was far beyond anything we have ever seen in customer service. They had all pre-cautions in place and helped us with questions and concerns throughout the entire escrow. Furthermore, our agent listened carefully to our needs, educated us on the process as well as helped ensure that we could get top dollar for our condo and in a timely manner. The photography was incredible, the process went as smooth as could be and they even managed to negotiate repairs so we only had to give partial credit for a broken AC instead of repairing or replacing the entire thing.

We weren't in a hurry to move however, The Bottrell Team showed us how great the market was and we took a chance and went for it. Within days we had multiple offers on the property and we were educated on what every offer meant as well as the most qualified buyers with some cash in their account for when things come up. Our best interest was clearly top priority for our agent and we ended up selling our home for $17,000 OVER ASKING.

The Bottrell Team has a system in place that is irreplaceable for both BUYING and Selling and we would continue to use them again in the future. Thanks to The Bottrell Team we understand the importance of owning an asset that appreciated since we bought it 14 months ago $32,0000 and helped us walk away with some money. We couldn't be happier with our guidance and help and we would refer this team to anyone we know to buy or sell! Customer Service is their top priority!!!!

Thank you so much, Jim Bottrell Team!

Kristina V.

As a first time home buyer with a million questions, Jim Bottrell and his team of professionals ensured our questions were answered. From the online tutorial on purchasing a home with a VA loan, all the way through closing on the house that is prefect for our family and our budget; members of the Bottrell Team was there to ensure we were taken care of.
In short, Jim Bottrell and his team of professionals are ROCK STARS!!


We have been thinking about relocating to Texas to be closer to family and friends for some time now. After speaking to the Bottrell team, we were reassured that our dream was closer to reality than we thought. Our agent informed us about the hot market and how to capitalize on it to get top dollar on our home. We were able to sell our house with multiple offers on the FIRST WEEKEND for $20,000 ABOVE asking price! We are so amazed by how fast and hassle-free selling was with the Bottrell team. Even during this pandemic the Bottrell Team was able to help us get the most out of our house and begin our move to Texas. We definitely recommend using the Bottrell Team to sell your home.

GlenSan A.

We were first time home buyers with a baby on the way and scared of buying during COVID.
We found the Jim Bottrell Team on Zillow and inquired on one of their listings.
We met with the agent at the property and were very impressed on how knowledgeable our agent was. This was our first home so naturally we didn’t know where to begin. They literally educated us on the whole process and even got us pre-approved right away! We looked at several homes until we found “the one” our agent, Elizabeth Witt, was so patient and made herself available every time we wanted to look at a home (which were all flying off the shelves like hot cakes)! When
we found our perfect home it was only the second day listed on the market and they already had several offers, our agent was able to put together the perfect offer and got it accepted the next day!!! Throughout our escrow we were never left in the dark even through a few unforeseen hiccups…everything went so smooth! We are so happy we decided to work with the Bottrell Team! Best decision we ever made. If you want an honest and hardworking agent that will go above and beyond we definitely recommend them! they are amazing!! Thank you

Maria D.

We started looking for a home for our family and as a first time home buyer were very skeptical of the process and nervous. We met with The Bottrell Team at their office in which they presented us with education to help guide us through the process. We quickly found a home we loved and they promised us that they would help us with anything we needed and protect us and that's exactly what they did. We got into escrow on a property we thought was a perfect fit and then realized it was truly not going to work at that moment and The Bottrell Team had our best interest first and foremost the entire time and got us out of that without a penny wasted. Then a month later we started looking again and the one thing we truly wanted was a POOL, which right now are hard to find and we kept missing out or getting outbid on homes.
The Bottrell Team scheduled showings, ran numbers for me to make sure I was comfortable with each house and payment as well as explained the process to me about making an offer. The agent we had on The Bottrell Team told us about a coming soon listing they had and we ended up getting it locked into escrow at a price that made the sellers happy but without it hitting the market or seeing it! Once the sellers had an offer that was fair to them enough to not hit the market and then we got to see our home and fell in love right from walking in! Since then we have had nothing but help, advice, knowledge and guidance and we just closed on this dream home with a beautiful yard and pool!
While we were skeptical at first of the process we couldn't be more excited for the way things worked out and moving into our new dream home! The Bottrell Team was there every step of the way to help guide me and keep things at a forward moving pace to make sure I could end up in my home I love! We are so thankful, and glad we met The Bottrell Team and a lifelong friend we found in them!!! - Jason and Rita


We met someone that worked as part of The
Bottrell Team at school doing behind the scenes stuff. She became and shared
knowledge with us about what they do and the process of educating us as first
time home buyers. She introduced us to a Team Lead, who came over and showed us
a world of knowledge regarding renting versus owning and next steps to fit our
life and needs the most. We were utilizing the VA loan and not in any rush but
at the same time couldn't wait to own a home! The Bottrell Team coordinated
showings and got us looking right away as we were so excited. We had a wide
search however we narrowed down areas that were best for us and our future. We
fell in love with two houses in Santee and ended up making two offers as the
market was crazy and we kept getting out bid! The Bottrell Team was
knowledgeable about our situation and what was happening with appraisals and
that we didn't want to gap one so we couldn't compete with some of the buyers
out there. Funny enough for us, what's meant to be will come true! We lost both
houses and put a pause on our search as we were afraid the market was just too
much right now. A week and a half later one of the agents called our agent of
one of the offers we had submitted as their buyer fell out of escrow for family
emergency reasons. He called and gave us the option instead of going back to
market with the house to open escrow and they had already come down to appraised
value so we didn't have the uncertainty (which was less than our original offer
anyways). He was impressed and knew our agent and lender could get the job done
due to the professionalism of our offer and package! Now we are closing on
a perfect little detached home, with an incredible yard that will be perfect for
starting a family! We have been so happy with our experience all around that we
even referred one of my lifelong friends to use The Bottrell Team as well! The
knowledge and help all the way around have been beyond what we could


The Bottrell Team was able to get $35k over our asking price for my home! My wife and I were looking to move to a quieter neighborhood as we enter the next phase of our lives, nearing retirement. I stumbled across the Bottrell Team while looking at houses on Zillow. We were connected to someone immediately and scheduled an appointment to discuss the sale of our home. From the beginning, I was impressed with the team and their focus on getting top dollar for our home. They explained the market to me and let me decide what price to sell my home for and I am so glad they took the time to explain why they do what they do. The same agent also helped us find our replacement home and we didn't have to go a single dollar above asking price to get the home! We are so happy that we had a win/win situation selling and buying a new home in this market. After receiving so many offers on our home, we were nervous that we would have to do the same to get a great home, but we didn't! Not only did they sell my home the very first weekend, for much more than expected, but also helped me to get into our next home without any issues, in a market like this is impressive and exactly what I was hoping for the whole time. My wife and I are now excited to have our forever home and make it our own! If you are considering selling your home in this market, be sure you have a team that can get the job done, like the Bottrell Team!


We knew we wanted to become homeowners and were hoping for sooner than later but had no idea where to start. When we met the Bottrell team it was very clear what we needed to do in order to achieve our goal. They were very thorough and specific about how the process would work. They left us with minimal questions, and when any arose we were able to reach out at any time and get our answer. Our agent was knowledgeable and made us a priority with seeing our needs were met accurately and quickly. He empowered us and educated us through every step of the way. We felt at ease during the entire process through our agent’s transparency and honesty. We were made aware of the competitive market and with the Bottrell team guidance, we were able to beat out 15 other offers and capture our dream home. We are very grateful for them helping make our dream come true. We would highly recommend the Bottrell team to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home.


Sold my home
quickly and for $25k above asking in the middle of this Pandemic. I met with the
Bottrell Team back in March of this year. I was gifted my Grandmas home in
Montclair and felt it was time to sell and move closer to my Mom. Up until this
point I have never bought or sold a home so I knew I needed a team with tons of
expertise and skills. The Bottrell Team embodies that to a tee. My agent was
knowledgeable and understood the process of having to sell and buy at the same
time. You could tell this wasn’t their first rodeo. She came to my home and
gave me some helpful tips on what to do to prepare it for sale, and advise on
what to do to make sure I get top dollar! We had several showings on the first
day of going active. I decided to accept an offer from a family that I knew
would love and care for my home the same way my family did for over 60 years. Since I was also
purchasing a home, my agent negotiated for me to remain in possession for a few
days after closing to make for a smooth transition into my new home. I really
couldn’t have made this move without the Bottrell Team by my side. They led me
every step of the way and for that I am so grateful!


After my father passed away it was up to me to sell the home he had lived in for over 30 years. It all seemed so overwhelming at first, but The Bottrell Team helped me throughout the whole process. They were there when I needed advice about updates that needed to be made to the home and helped me bring the home into the 21st century. When it came time to put the home on the market they absolutely packed the first weekend with showings, and we received multiple offers! My agent reviewed all the offers clearly with me, and helped me decide on the best one. Not only that, but they made the escrow period so smooth. It's been a while since I bought my own home, but I was amazed at the level of service and how little hassle there was. The Bottrell Team took care of everything for me except for the signature!


I was beginning the stages of looking for a home when I spoke to one of my life long friends who had just met and was in the process of working with The Bottrell Team. She gave me the name and number of the agent from The Bottrell Team to contact and right away we had a phone call and started
showings within that week! We had a lease that was ending soon but this was our
first time dealing or being in the process. We didn't even know what we qualified for or necessarily a specific area. Right away they got us in touch with their preferred lender who had us approved in a day!
Right from the beginning I knew between the Real Estate Side and Loan side I was in good
hands and the communication was 5 star customer service, so I decided to trust
them on my journey on finding my first home and forever home!

The Bottrell Team scheduled showings, ran numbers for me to make sure I was comfortable with each house and payment as well as explained the process to me about making an offer. Once we made the offer they
helped guide me through the process step by step. We had a shorter escrow which
was perfect for a vacant property as it helped us beat out the other buyer! The Bottrell Team was able to help negotiate an offer and get me in escrow in this crazy market on a pretty new home which I knew I would spend forever with my family! They had a perfect offer package which includes good communication with the agent and got us into the home we absolutely loved!
This was a pretty seamless, easy transaction minus all of the amounts of paperwork at a quick speed. Between The Bottrell Team and the lender, Cross Country, they worked simultaneously together to make this all
happen on time so we could get out of our rental and into our new home to enjoy
the pool for the summer! We are thankful our friend referred us to The Bottrell Team and would use and refer them to others as well!

Stephanie N.

I had been working with an agent and lender briefly before my neighbor introduced me to The Bottrell Team. Right from the beginning I knew between the Real Estate Side and Loan side I was in much better hands. The communication was already way better, so I decided to trust them on my journey on finding my first home and forever home!

The Bottrell Team scheduled showings, ran numbers for me to make sure I was comfortable with each house and payment as well as explained the process to me about making an offer. Then we made an Offer on a home I loved that had been sitting on the market and the agent was about to actually pull it off of the market. The Bottrell Team was able to help negotiate an offer and get me in escrow in this crazy market on a pretty new home which I knew I would spend forever with my family! We were getting out bidded on everything else and this one was meant to be. The agent accepted our offer because of everything The Bottrell Team does to get an offer accepted. It truly is a Perfect Offer Package!

While we had a lot of hurdles throughout the process and it ended up being longer than normal due to unforeseen things. The Bottrell Team was there every step of the way to help guide me and keep things at a forward moving pace to make sure I could end up in my home I love! We just closed last week and I was beyond excited and eager to finish the process and get my family into my brand new home! We are so thankful, and glad we met The Bottrell Team!!!


We were thinking about relocating to Houston but had questions about timing. After looking at all the real estate agents in the area, we decided to go forward with the Bottrell team and invite one of their agents to come talk with us. That conversation helped us decide to put our home on the market and everything about their plan worked out well. We worked together on a pricing strategy that drove many "over the asking price" offers (after three days packed with showings). We had 4 offers from The Bottrell Team’s buyer’s along with 10 more from other agents and we finally accepted an offer at $50k+ over our asking price. We were extremely satisfied with our experience with The Bottrell Team and would definitely recommend them to all of our friends and family!

Chris L.

We were first referred to The Jim Bottrell Team from a friend who had purchased their home through the team earlier in the year, and we are VERY THANKFUL for the recommendation.

After meeting the agent and going over all the details with us, we were confident we would purchase.
The agent went over the entire process with us, as well as all the benefits to working with a knowledgeable team of agents, and in a short time we found our property, and The Bottrell Team went to work negotiating the best home for our needs, negotiated the best price, and secured the best financing, as they recommended a lender with quick closing speed for a more enticing offer. They even negotiated some closing cost and repairs! We were able to get our offer accepted and opened escrow quickly over other offers because of there skill, and we were impressed with the package that was put together to present. The agent was in constant communication throughout the entire process. We were First Time home Buyers so we needed guidance throughout, and they were available every step of the way. The Bottrell Team was more than able to keep the whole process smooth and hassle free, and was able to get us into our home in 19 days! We are so happy we were recommended to them, and will now recommend them to anyone we know.

Being a first time home buyer can be a very scary journey, but definitely not with this team. They make you feel like you’re family every step of the way!

This truly is a 5 start team with 5 star abilities to get the job done. Thank You Bottrell Team for all the work you did to help make our home buying dreams a reality!

The Wilmarth family


We are a military family and we were living on the
base, until we found the house of our dreams. We had been searching for what seemed like forever until one day we
clicked on a listing by the Bottrell Team and our lives have been forever
changed. They assigned a Bottrell Team agent that met with us, we made an
offer, and shortly after it was accepted! There were multiple offers on the
home, but being a Marine, and the agents working together, they made it happen.
All of our questions were answered and the escrow was smooth. We closed on time
and could not be happier! We can’t thank our agent enough for her hard work in getting us the home of our dreams.

Shelby B.

As a young and recently married couple we had been saving diligently to purchase our first home, and were determined to make it happen, but we neededa bit of help.and guidance. After meeting with the Bottrell Team we knew we were in good hands. The whole process was expalined to us in detail. We filled out the loan application with our agent Jessica and soon after we pre-qualified! We immediately went looking at homes and submitted offers. In this tough market and on our budget we were beat out in other offers, however, on one of the homes that we lost out on we were accepted after a second try when the previous escrow fell out. There were multiple offers on the home, but thankfully Jessica stopped at nothing to help us fulfill our dream of owning this home. It was a tough escrow process due to Covid, and with challenges in the loan process, but the team forged ahead and we are now in our First Home! We are immensely grateful for them for turning this dream into a reality, and we are truly grateful for the effort Jessica put in and for ensuring our personal experience was the best we could get! Thank you!!!


The Bottrell Team got all our closing costs paid by the seller and bought our home in 21 Days!! We set an appointment with The Bottrell Team to get more information about buying a home and looking at a few. We were not sure if we were going to be staying in CA or being stationed somewhere else, we are both active duty Military. After sitting down with The Bottrell Team we had a great understanding of what we needed to do to accomplish our goals of home ownership using our VA loan. With COVID there were not a lot of homes to look at, but the one that was our favorite, our agent got us into that home. We didn’t need to look at any others, we knew this one was the one!! We found out the next day we would be staying in CA! Our agent and their preferred lender Cross Country Mortgage went to work! getting us approved and making the offer within hours. They had other offers, but because of The Bottrell Team’s negotiating skills, knowledge on how to get offers accepted, and their lender that could do a 21 day escrow. Our offer is the one the seller chose and we couldn’t have been more excited! The whole escrow process went smooth and any questions we had were answered promptly. We had such an enjoyable home buying experience and we are thankful for The Bottrell Team and all their hard work.

tiffany m.

It is our absolute pleasure to have an opportunity to recommend The Bottrell Team, a truly exceptional real estate team.
We lived in Pacific Beach and wanted to move to North San Diego County. Our experience with the Bottrell Team began not very long ago when we decided we were interested in buying a property in the Oceanside area. The Bottrell Team was very well versed in the real estate industry as a whole and brought remarkable knowledge of the Oceanside market. They possess a sincere desire to strive and deliver exactly what their clients are searching for.

We put off our search for a short period of time and then as soon as we were ready The Bottrell Team hopped on it and helped us to start looking. The Bottrell Team put together 5 houses that fit our requirements perfectly. We never dreamt we would find the perfect house on the first day we searched. We put in an offer immediately, The Bottrell Team knew exactly how to write a strong offer that would be accepted by the Seller. We were extremely impressed with the information they diligently prepared for us. Within three days, they were able to have the house inspected. We credit the entire Bottrell Team with a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience.

The Bottrell Team was always reachable and promptly responsive, regardless of the hour or day of the week. They were responsive to our every question or concern and had an amazing ability to deal with and assuage our stress.

We had such a pleasurable experience. The Bottrell Team is savvy, personable and knows the market inside and out. We would recommend The Bottrell Team to anyone who is looking to have a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience.


Wow!!! As a 1st time buyer (I actually put off buying longer than I should have because of all of the horror stories) ... Enter our Super Hero ... Heather Wedmore... every time anything came up or we didn’t know... “Call Heather”. she went above and beyond making the process simple and putting our minds at ease, she listened to our wants & problems & got things handled quickly & yes she got us into our dream home ... if you’re in the market to buy a home call Jim Bottrell and his team at Cross County & ask for Heather ... & your dreams can come true also ?? Mark Cole & Co ????????????

Mark C.

My husband and I are both Marines, I am a former and my husband is active duty. We received orders to Southern California and were referred to the Bottrell Team by another military family who had recently relocated to the East coast. We’ve owned homes before and knew what to expect of an agent. They had nothing but great feedback from working with their team, so we gave them a call. Despite having never been to the West coast, the Bottrell Team put us at ease, guaranteeing that if we were not happy with the home we bought with them, they could buy it back. We were comforted by the fact that Jim himself was a Marine for over 10 years and frequently works with many military families using their VA loan. We have lived happily in our home for the past 4 years and now needed to sell before relocating once more. When we recently received our new orders, calling Jim’s team was a no-brainer. We knew their work ethic and were confident that they would be able to market our home the most efficiently. The Bottrell Team has a marketing system that often times allows them to sell their homes before they even hit the market, which can save immense time and hassle. They were able to find several interested parties and negotiate the highest and best offer for us. They understand the military way of doing business and we will continue to recommend them to anyone in the market to buy or sell a home.


I was looking around online as I was about to be relocated from Texas back to Sunny San Diego mid pandemic when I got set up on an appointment with The Bottrell Team. I had worked with other agents a month or so before and had even written an offer with another agent before I met The Bottrell Team and Jaclyn Roben. What I learned was that the Bottrell Team immediately wanted to genuinely HELP me even from afar and took the time to get on what I needed and get out there using safety measures to do virtual showings for me. The Bottrell Team took time, had patience, gave me knowledge and insight every step of the way. I not only gained help, I gained a life long friend who genuinely cared about my needs and always put my best needs always ahead of their own.

I had no hesitation to hire The Bottrell Team and they immediately had an action plan for me to assure that I could find something within my price range that would fit my needs during such a time. They scheduled showings, helped me get financing advice/help, as well as negotiated every aspect of my transaction including up to $8400 in closing costs and $10,000 under ASKING PRICE. Everything was always what was in MY best interest and The Bottrell Team had soon negotiated the buying price and terms to ensure I wasn't rushed and could close to fit my schedule as well as got the best deal out there. Jaclyn even went above and beyond to make sure I virtually saw every listing and had a video recording to review. It was the easiest process.

I wasn't in a hurry to move however, The Bottrell Team showed me things within budget, didn't try to force anything, and truly guided me through the process of buying my first home! They had a process and systems for everything including the offer they created which won the seller's heart over and won me the home I wanted so badly as well. I would recommend The Bottrell Team to anyone I know and am so thankful I used them to purchase my first home. The level of professionalism and expertise I got from working with The Bottrell Team was something that we never could have imagined and now I am a more knowledgeable homeowner thanks to them!


Despite all of the Coronavirus problems, my agent with the Bottrell Team was able to keep my deal together so that I could close escrow on my home and buy my new home in Florida! Everything went like clockwork with the sale of my home. I even received multiple offers that drove up the final sales price. From the start, all the way to the very last days of escrow, everything was great- until it wasn't. The buyers all of the sudden were having an issue with their lender and apparently when they had to verify their income, there was a problem as the buyer was no longer working (due to the pandemic) and showed very little income. Luckily my agent had experienced this before and knew to take action right away. He got on the phone and was able to get the buyers to use a different lender and ended up closing with the same buyers! I was quite relieved as I had already packed and shipped my belongings over to Florida and left when I had originally planned. My agent with the Bottrell Team was able to handle the rest of the close for me remotely from the East Coast. I am so glad that I now have my home here in Florida to relax and enjoy my retirement. Give the Bottrell Team a call, they know what they are doing and can get the job done!


Received $5000 in closing costs paid by the builder!

I met with the Bottrell Team at one of their VA seminars where they teach veterans and military families how to use their VA loan to buy a home. I knew that I eventually wanted to own my own home and thought it would be a good idea to start educating myself on the process. I also wanted more information on how to get the most out of my VA benefits. The seminar was very informative and addressed a lot of common misunderstandings about the VA loan. They demonstrated how easy and secure it was. After the seminar, one of the Bottrell Team agents approached me and offered a one on one meeting to discuss my specific situation.

At first I was hesitant as I felt that I wasn’t ready to make such a big step yet. However, my agent explained that it was a process and I appreciated her patience from the beginning. She made me feel very comfortable and simply guided me to the right decisions through education. We explored different cities and different neighborhoods to make sure I knew of all my options. She also took me to look at new construction homes, one of which I ended up choosing. Overall I had a great experience buying my first home with The Bottrell Team. It was scary at first, but with their unwavering support, it ended up being a very positive outcome. Thanks to the Bottrell Team, I finally feel like I'm “adulting!"


Thank you Bottrell Team for all your hard work and dedication! As first time home buyers we needed an agent to really explain the process and have our best interest in mind. We had met with an agent before and we did not have a great experience. After sitting down with The Bottrell Team, they went to work on finding us the perfect house. We take care of our parents and have children and needed to find something that worked for us as a family. They stopped at nothing to find us the perfect house! The Bottrell Team helped us every step of the way and stopped at nothing to make sure the escrow went as smooth as possible. Checking in daily and making sure everyone on the other side of this transaction did what they needed to do as well! Even stepped in to cover some repairs to make this home work for us! Not all agents are the same and we have proof! We cannot say enough how awesome The Bottrell Team is!!! Not only are we now home owners, but now know how to generate wealth for our family and can’t wait until we can buy another home in the future. We’re so thankful for The Bottrell Team, we’ve made a friend and a forever Realtor!

Ina S.

Thank you to The Jim Bottrell Team for helping us buy our first home. We were thrilled with the level of customer service and overall professionalism. Our agent was incredibly patient and understanding to our needs as first time buyers. We had so many questions regarding the overall process, but every single concern was addressed with care and empathy. When we found the perfect home to suit our needs, our agent was able to get us a credit for $10,000.00 towards our closing costs, which greatly helped our financial needs. They helped us secure financing with their preferred lender, and they were available anytime we called upon them. The Jim Bottrell Team did an excellent job with the inspection process, ensuring that everything was in working order, and negotiated any issue that needed to be addressed and fixed prior to us closing escrow. We would highly recommend Jim Bottrell's Team to anyone looking to buy a home. They live up to the name, Ardent Real Estate, by demonstrating everything you could possibly ask for in a real estate company and more. Thank you to The Jim Bottrell Team for helping us realize our dreams. We are forever grateful for this experience!

Molly was amazing ! Very patient and kind ! Ask for her ! You won’t regret it !

destinie s.

We are incredibly appreciative of Jeff Kaufman at Bottrell Real Estate for helping us find our new home in Pacific Beach (5 blocks from the beach!). From our home base in Seattle, we worked with Jeff for over two years to find a home in the San Diego area that would work for us. Jeff helped us learn about the different communities and options in San Diego. He took us on tours when we were physically in the area. And, he gave us Skype tours of prospective properties when we couldn't be there. We were VERY particular and Jeff definitely put in the hours for us.

More than that--we really valued Jeff's perspective on the properties we saw. He had unique insights on the houses we viewed and was able to understand our perspective and add value to our search. He has been incredibly helpful after the sale, as well--going to the property several times for a variety of services before we were able to move down. We highly recommend Jeff and Bottrell Real Estate. We would absolutely use them again.

Steve G.

It has been an outstanding experience working with the Bottrell Team. I had just returned to Cali from deployment in Hawaii and was renting a room temporarily. I have two children that couldn’t stay with me at the time due to the fact that I was renting out a room. I came across the Bottrell Team through Facebook and immediately got a response back with an appointment to see the home! The next day I met with the lead agent from their team. They were prompt and very helpful! I chose to have them represent me to make a purchase. Not only are they a veteran owned and operated company but they give back to Wounded Warrior Homes for veterans as well. They must be doing something right to have all those 5 star client testimonials. We ended up writing an offer on that property and the offer was accepted the next day! During the inspection, we found out that the water heater was going bad along with the water pressure regulator. The Bottrell Team’s persistence negotiated into my offer that all requested repairs be approved and completed by the seller. We ended up closing the home on the time frame that was promised with their preferred lender Cross Country Mortgage, much faster than my own bank. Now I have an amazing home in Mission Viejo where my children and I can all live safely together thanks to the Bottrell Team!


When we first started this process as first time home buyers, we had a lot of questions. After meeting with an Agent, we were not really sure if we wanted to buy right now because of all our unanswered questions and lack of information. When The Bottrell Team reached out to us and explained in detail the process we felt comfortable moving forward with owning a home now. We knew we were in good hands! They explained the whole process to us in detail, went over interest rates and VA information we were never told about. We immediately went looking at homes and after not finding the perfect home that day we had mentioned to The Bottrell Team of a house we saw online, but it was over priced and still on the market. It was exactly what we wanted!! The Bottrell Team took us to the house and we made an offer. 10K under asking and 10K in closing costs. Because of The Bottrell Team’s negotiating skills and writing a perfect offer with their own special touch our offer was accepted!! Our agent stopped at nothing to help us fulfill our dream of owning this home. We are forever grateful for them for such a smooth transaction as first time home buyers and will buy more homes in the future with The Bottrell Team!

Dania M.

My fiancé and I were looking at homes for a very long time and in the course of going to many open houses we were approached by many, many realtors who claimed to want to help us in our search. We ended up with a multitude of agents sending us the exact same listings day-after-day, week-after-week to our inboxes, always the exact same homes we were finding ourselves online. Sometimes we would get a call back (or many calls back), but never did these calls hold anything of interest to us regarding real estate or offered anything we couldn’t find on our own. That was until we made contact with an agent from the Bottrell Team. The Bottrell Team was not interested in “making a sale” with us. They were more interested in making sure they knew us, our situation, fears, buying criteria, even short and long-term goals. They never just told us what they were going to do, they actually just did it! The first thing they did was get us in touch with a lender who helped us understand what me and my fiance needed to do in order to make a purchase. There were some things we had to do, and some of them took some time, but they stayed in contact with us, always there to answer questions or even show us homes before we were ready to pull the trigger. Once we got the amounts we qualified for, they listened to our concerns and were genuinely interested in getting us into a home at a price we felt comfortable with (which was $100k under what we were approved for). They not only listened to what we had to say, they actually understood and acted accordingly. At times, it was overwhelming and even downright scary, but they reassured us and were always available to alleviate our fears, they promised us that these feelings were a normal part of the purchase process, and that everyone goes through them. They kept us informed throughout escrow and even got us an additional $6,500 in seller credit (in addition to the $11,000 they had already gotten us for a total of $17,500!) I’m sure glad we made it through and didn’t give up along the way because we got our keys yesterday and we are now the proud owners of the very home we dreamed of and for more than $100k less than what we were expecting to pay for it! If you are sick of the same old tired real estate sales pitches, I highly recommend you go to the Bottrell Team and let them do the rest!


The Best Experience I’ve had . Tracy and the Jim bottrell team did an incredible job and never gave up till I got into that home , if it wasn’t for Tracy I would never had got I into that home Godbless


We were able to buy a home with over $60,000 in equity!! We met the Bottrell Team at one of their First-Time Home Buyer Seminars and knew then we were working with a very knowledgeable team. Shortly after, we met with our team agent and although we weren’t quite ready yet they guided us through the whole process of not only buying a home but also getting qualified. After finding our dream home, we were able to win our Multiple Counter offer and also received $5K towards closing costs and even though the property was being sold “As-Is” we were still able to get thousands of dollars towards repairs.
The Bottrell Team was always so accommodating and answered ALL of our questions. We were completely floored when the Appraisal came back $60,000 over asking and were so impressed with how the Bottrell Team kept our escrow locked in, even after the Listing agent made every attempt to cancel the transaction so they could put the house back on the market for more. My Husband and I are so happy with our home and can’t wait to move in! Even with the COVID quarantine, they were so professional in handling all inspections and walk-throughs. Thank you guys! We are definitely using you for our next purchase and referring all our friends.


After having an unpleasant experience with my last agent to buy this townhome, I decided to call the other agent's company (who represented the seller) as they were better than my own agent! That team was the Bottrell Team and from the start, they were ready and responded quickly to all of my questions. I never realized how important it is to find a quality agent as some are not as good as others. Throughout the entire process, my agent always kept me in the loop with what was going on and let me know all of my options at every step of the way. I sold my townhome quickly and got a fair price. It was important to me to sell the townhome quickly as I had already purchased my new home (also with the Bottrell Team!) and did not want to have 2 mortgage payments. Now that the townhome is sold, I no longer have to worry about having 2 mortgages. I am so glad that I found the Bottrell Team and I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. The agent did all the work for us, including working with HOA, Escrow, Inspection, the buyer and best of all was able to sell our house above market price in less than one month from listing.

dennis s.

Jaclyn was unbelievable to work with. Her local knowledge made finding a home so easy and she provided great guidance and support even though we were 400 miles away. We love our new house and if we ever decide to buy another one, Jaclyn will be my first call.


We met the Bottrell Team at a first time home buyers’ seminar, and we are so glad that we had that opportunity to meet them to assist us with our 1st home purchase!

The process started with a very informational meeting with our realtor so that she could get to know us and ask us questions about what we were looking for in our 1st home. We then also learned a general idea of how the home buying process would go so there wouldn’t be any surprises.

After looking at a few homes and seeing what we could potentially purchase, we started to get cold feet (which we’ve learned is natural/common for 1st time home buyers to experience). We let our realtor know in a pretty lengthy e-mail about our hesitations and she immediately replied (even when it was in the middle of the night) and she explained the "cost of waiting" to us very nicely. We slept on it and sure enough, the next morning, any hesitation we had was gone! We are very thankful to her for taking the time to talk us through any doubts.

We are so glad that we decided to listen to her advice because by the time we closed escrow on the home we found, we knew we made the right decision together and would’ve regretted missing a great investment! Our realtor negotiated the best price to guarantee the house would be ours and got us $4K in closing costs! We were even able to close escrow in 21 days with the help of The Bottrell teams preferred lender. This team really knows what they're doing. From beginning to end, we always felt like they had our best interests in mind. Thanks so much for helping us find our very 1st home that we love!

Nathalie & Melissa B.—Vista, CA


We were referred over to The bottrell Team by some friends of ours who had recently bought a home through the Bottrell Team and we couldn't be happier!

We were a little skeptical at first that this team could be as great as our friends had said they were But Boy did they deliver! They guided us through the whole process were patient and informative the whole way through. The Bottrell Team was always available if we had any questions and Our Agent was available 24/7 to answer any questions we had along the way. I would definitely recommend this team for anyone that's considering Buying Their first Home. The Jim Bottrell Team Is hands down a true 5 star Team that didn't just help us buy our First Home they Put us on a Dream Retirement Plan through Real Estate wealth.

Thank You Bottrell Team For Actually delivering what you say you will!


We worked with the Bottrell team after emailing on a home that they had listed that we were interested in buying. Upon entering the office we were promptly greeted and the agent who assisted us already had printed out at least 6 other properties that fit the same profile as the house we had inquired!

The homes were not even homes listed by them necessarily. We were so impressed we decided to a team Bottrell realtor as our purchase realtor rather than the realtor we used to sell our North County home- and that was hands down the best decision we made in the whole process of selling and buying. The Bottrell team must have great training because we were SO informed, she even helped with advice on hiccups in the sale of our house as she kept in touch consistently. Honestly it put the realtor that helped us with our sale fall short in comparison.

They were easy to reach and super responsive which is so important - probably most important- at a time that is so stressful for many. We were never made to feel like we were bothering or like she was too busy. We absolutely love our new home and loved working with this great genuine team. We felt like we had family looking out for us throughout the process.


We worked with the real estate agent Lee Johnson and had a very pleasant experience. Lee was incredible and very knowledgable. He was punctual, responded to all our questions in a timely manner and guided us through the home buying process and kept us at ease. Thank you very much, we love our new home in Oceanside.

Ali O.

We were able to get $8,000. towards closing costs and close in 25 days! When we first inquired about The Bottrell Team’s listing they were able to meet with us right away at a Starbucks near our home. This was not our first purchase so we were very impressed with their presentation, their “Buy Back Guarantee” and Free Home Warranty. When we stepped into our home that we bought it was love at first sight. The agent from the Bottrell team wrote up our offer right away and we were in escrow just a few days later. It all happened so fast but the support I received was impeccable, our agent was always available to answer any questions all hours of the day. We are from Jersey so the process out here was a little different but we were always informed and updated. The Bottrell Team was able to get us $8,000 towards closing costs and we closed in 25 days. The best part was we received our keys on New Years Eve!!! We are so happy for making the decision to work with the Bottrell Team and definitely encourage you to do the same if you are buying or selling your home.

cathy c.

We met the Bottrell Team at one of their First-Time Home-Buyer seminars. Before the seminar, we were skeptical about buying a home, but after how much we learned, we decided to make an appointment with an agent from the Bottrell Team.

We thought that we would get pressured into buying a home, but this appointment went so much different than we thought it would. Instead of telling us to get in his car and showing us houses, our agent sat down with us for 3 hours and educated us on every single step of the home-buying process. He told us what a home inspection was, what an appraisal was, what contingencies were, what our rights were when buying a home, and so much more! He explained to us all of the benefits that the VA loan has to offer such as 0 down, lowest interest rates, no PMI, and more. Seriously, we felt so educated and comfortable by the time our appointment was done with!

We also realized that buying a home is a process, not just an event that happens, and it’s so important you have an experienced group of professionals guide you throughout this process rather than doing it by yourself or having someone represent you that isn’t experienced enough. We also learned that an agent that represents a buyer is completely free to the buyer, so why not go with the best?! Our agent also showed us how renting is so much more expensive than owning. This team doesn’t just help you buy a home, they help you invest in your future and show you the path to wealth through real estate.

Our agent was also a Marine and we found out that Jim Bottrell was a Marine himself! Knowing this made us so much more comfortable because I am a Marine- I knew that I was going to be taken care of and not ripped off.

What we wanted was very hard to find, but our agent assured us that he would find the perfect home for us. We needed a 3 bedroom in Oceanside and it couldn’t be more than 330K because that is all we could afford. There was nothing available during the first week, but just as we were about to give up, our agent told us about a property that had JUST hit the market. He immediately got us in there and we fell in love! There was one small problem though, this property already had multiple offers on it.

Our agent got on the phone with the seller’s agent and after a few minutes of conversation, he got him to want to work with us! The Bottrell Team has negotiating down to a science! The fact that our lender, Scott Evans CrossCountry Mortgage could close an escrow in just 19 days was a huge advantage as well because the seller wasn’t living in the home! The same day, our agent drafted up a letter on our behalf and sent it to the other agent along with our offer. Once the seller found out we were a military family, he really wanted us to have his home. Needless to say, the next morning our agent called us and told us that we got our offer accepted for $10,000 under the asking price and he got the seller to agree to give us a credit towards our closing costs! I still have no idea how he managed to make that happen with other offers on this home… like I said, they have negotiating down to a science!

19 days later, we were given the keys to our new home and we are so thrilled about being homeowners.. right before Christmas, too! We couldn’t have asked for better people to represent us and fight on our behalf. If you are looking for an honest, hard-working group of individuals that actually care about you, look no further. Because we were treated like family throughout this entire process, we will be recommending the Bottrell Team to all of our family and friends!

calvincruz 2.

We met The Bottrell Team as we were in a pinch to find a home by the end of the year and saw a listing of theirs and happened to get connected with an agent by the name of Jaclyn Roben,that helped us find what was best for our family quickly and got us a deal! What we learned and the knowledge throughout the process was beyond helpful for us as First Time Home Buyers. We had no clue what we were getting into but we ended up going on showings and finding our dream home at the perfect price and being able to close in 19 days right before all of the holidays! The Bottrell Team was on top of every aspect of the transaction and always willing to go above and beyond to help.

We had been looking in North County and really just decided we could get so much more going to Temecula which they quickly put together lists and added home that I didn't see and the one I ended up falling in love with was actually one the agent added to our showings for me. Without this, I never would have seen this home or been able to buy it! With the offer package they made including the letter which had the sellers fall in love with us and her communication with the other parties we ended up getting the home we loved at a price we were happy with which was under asking and we also got help with closing costs!

However, during the transaction the lender, and agent were on top of it and in communication the entire time. The sellers kept sending half filled out disclosures and our agent made sure she didn't even tell us until later because by the 3rd time the sellers still weren't doing it completely. The Bottrell Team knows how to protect you as a buyer and or seller as well as how to negotiate and stand up for you the entire process of a transaction. . The Bottrell Team went above and beyond to make sure that our family in the end had what we needed in our first dream home, and were completely satisfied with the process and the end result and would absolutely recommend them to anyone we know.

Overall, the process was quick and easy and my family now has a home to move into before Christmas and the New Year in which my little boys can enjoy the holidays and new home that has a yard to play in!

Robert T.

I'm so glad I had the Bottrell team to help me with my first experience as a home buyer. I met with other realtors, but the Bottrell team really seemed different. They didn't just want to sell me a home (like all the others). They were more interested in that I understood what was happening. Not once did I feel pressured, like with so many of the others. There was never a time when I felt weird about asking a question or raising a concern. My agent was knowledgeable, patient, super responsive and always answered my calls or returned them right away. We beat out 5 other offers, including one that was all cash. I was able to get the home I wanted because they knew how to get the job done. We closed escrow in 19 days and now I am a homeowner. I simply cannot recommend them enough. Go with them, you'll be happy you did.


I was first introduced to the Jim Bottrell Team by a friend and former colleague who knew I needed to sell my triplex investment property. We knew this would be a tough job because I needed to do a concurrent transaction for 1031 exchanges in the middle of the 2019 holiday season. I met with one of Jim’s listing specialists, and I was impressed by their comprehensive marketing campaign. This team is serious about utilizing every possible technique to gain huge market exposure and maximize sale value. I received five offers within our first week on the market, including one with an escalation clause. Jim and his team were extremely attentive to my needs throughout the entire process. They provided Superior negotiations and Excellent communication every step of the way. Within 14 days my property was sold for full asking price, which allowed me to secure over 7% of annual appreciation! I could not be happier with my selling experience. I highly recommend the Jim Bottrell Team to anyone who is looking for the best of the best to sell their home.


The Bottrell Team exceeded every expectation we had! We could not have chosen a better group of professionals to guide us throughout the process of buying the biggest investment of our lives.

Going into this process, we were very nervous because we had heard that buying a home was very stressful, and we had no idea where to start. After trying to do it on our own, we contacted the Bottrell Team for assistance. We had always rented because we figured buying was expensive. After meeting with our agent from the Bottrell Team, we quickly realized that owning was actually cheaper than renting- that renting was actually what was expensive, not owning. He showed us how rent goes up every year, but mortgages stay the same throughout the life of the loan, and that’s how the majority of wealthy people make their money.. by owning real estate.

Our agent was extremely knowledgeable about the VA loan, its benefits, and how it works. He was actually a Marine himself, just like Jim Bottrell and the majority of the people on his team. Being that our agent was a Marine himself at one point and that this team does a lot of charity work for the veteran community- immediately, we felt comfortable and we knew that we were going to be taken care of.

During our initial appointment with our agent, he took down our exact criteria and what we were looking for in a home. He also gave us a very, very educational presentation on how buying a house works. He thoroughly went over every single detail regarding the process of buying a home and simplified everything for us.

When we found the property we wanted, there was a small problem. They had already received multiple offers, however our agent ensured us that he would make sure we got our offer accepted. He immediately got on the phone with the sellers’ agent and the rest was history. Our agent’s negotiation skills were top notch. He immediately got the sellers’ agent to want to work with us solely based on the conversation our agent had with him over the phone. Our agent also expressed to the other agent that we were both active duty Marines, and he said that because he had done his homework and knew that the sellers were Marines as well. The Bottrell Team truly has all aspects of real estate down to a science! Who you work with matters!

With 5 other offers on the table, we got our offer accepted! We couldn’t be more thankful to be in our first home right before the holidays! Throughout the entire escrow, our agent made sure we were aware of what was going on. We were updated every step of the way. Communication, customer service, experience and knowledge on the Bottrell Team is unmatched. Our agent and his entire team are honest and genuine people that look out for their clients’ best interests. Choose the Bottrell Team, they will blow your expectations out of the water!


We decided it was time to stop throwing our money away renting, and instead invest in our future and buy a home. After doing some home-hunting ourselves online, and not having much success, we decided to hire an agent to help us navigate throughout this process because we found out that an agent that represents buyers is actually at no cost to the buyers. We were first-time home-buyers so we had no idea how the home-buying process worked.

We decided to hire the Bottrell Team to represent us. After meeting with our agent, it was clear to us that this team is the absolute best in the business. During our initial meeting with our agent, he used a form to take down our exact criteria so he wouldn’t waste our time showing us homes that we weren’t going to be interested in. He also gave us a presentation on the home-buying process that was extremely detailed and to the point. He explained to us how the process looks from start to finish. He explained to us so many different things that happen during this process like an appraisal, a home inspection, homeowner’s insurance, how property taxes are paid for, what an escrow was, what a contingency was in a contract, and so much more. He wasn’t like the others that just stopped in and said “let’s go look at homes.” After his presentation, we were so glad we didn’t do this thing on our own because what we realized was buying a home is a process, not an event. We truly felt so comfortable and educated from the get-go!

4 days after meeting our agent, we got our offer accepted on our dream home! It was exactly what we envisioned for our first home, even down to the same town we wanted to be in! When we walked in to our home, we knew it was the one right away, and our agent promised us it would be ours! To top these two things off, our agent told us that we could get through escrow in just 19 days, and because the home wasn’t occupied, we immediately had a huge leg up! After hearing all this, they immediately wanted to work with us and we were able to beat several other offers that they had! Additionally, our agent was able to negotiate the seller to pay $7,500 of our closing costs! When we first met with our agent, he said “who you work with matters”, and we never really understood it back then, but after he and the Bottrell Team got our offer accepted, we knew that this couldn’t be truer!

Never in our mind did we think after meeting with an agent from the Bottrell Team, we would find our dream home in only 4 days! There are so many reasons that we are now clients for life. Throughout this entire process, we felt so comfortable with our agent. We knew we could text or call him at any time of the day (yes we have talked with him as late as midnight). The Bottrell Team is persistent, honest, genuine and some of the best people in the business. They got the job done right and we could not be happier with our house.. just in time for the holidays!


Bought our dream home and beat out 4 other offers! My family and I had been renting for over 10 years and were excited for the opportunity to become first time homeowners. We had a lot of questions and knew we had to use an agent that is knowledgeable and trustworthy. Our agent was patient and had a strategy to help our offer stand out and get ACCEPTED! We are so grateful for the Bottrell Team, without them we would not be living the dream! Thank you Team!

Linda D.

The Jim Bottrell Team connected us with a superior lender to get into our first home. We found the perfect home within 14 days of our initial meeting. We were first to see this just-listed property and our offer was accepted immediately. Jim's team negotiated a free home warranty and $15,000 off the asking price! We had a great experience purchasing our home and we are thankful for all The Jim Bottrell Team’s hard work!


My husband and I had a pleasure working with the Bottrell team our realtor was Elizabeth. This was our first time buying a home and She was helpful and patient with us throughout the home buying process. We truly appreciate everything Elizabeth has done for us. Without her we wouldn’t have been able to find our dream home.


I had the pleasure of working with the Jim Borttell team for the purchase of my home. My relater was Lee Johnson and he was very knowledgeable of the are since he grew up in north county San Diego. He always gave his s true and honest advice. I work 3rd shift and he was always glad to take my calls at any time and always called me back in a timely manner if he was not available. I enjoyed work with Lee since he put my interest first over just trying to sell a home. Were were able to to beat out two other purchasers due to lee's negotiation skills and the personnel letter to the homeowners on why I wanted to buy the home. in He was on top of all the paper work and inspections and had to little to no work except sign documents. The whole buying process was made simple and easy due to the Lee and the Jim Borttell team.


We cannot say enough good things about our agent and the Bottrell Team. Our agent’s knowledge of the market, customer service, communication, determination, persistence and attentiveness absolutely blew our expectations away.

We knew we wanted to stop throwing money away on rent and invest in a home for our little family, but we didn’t know where to start. After running around in circles doing a bunch of research on where to start, luckily, my husband’s Gunnery Sergeant (we’re both Marines) recommended someone from the Bottrell Team that he knew. We decided to meet with him and found out that he was a Marine himself. In fact, the majority of people on the Bottrell Team are Veterans, and Jim himself was a Marine, too! This immediately made us comfortable from the very start.

During our meeting, our agent explained the home-buying process in detail, step by step. He also educated us on our VA loan entitlement and how it’s an amazing benefit because of the 0 down, no PMI, and the lowest interest rates. We explained to him exactly what we wanted in a home, and I made sure to tell him I’m tough to please because I’m very particular in what I want in a home! He told us that he wouldn’t put us in a home unless we absolutely loved it, and then he explained their guarantee being that if we don’t love our home, Jim will buy it back. We thought that was crazy until he showed the guarantee to us in writing! Which real estate team does that?! That gave us comfort from the very start, knowing that these people wouldn’t just put us into any home, that they actually cared and didn’t just do this for a paycheck.

After our meeting, our agent immediately went to work and we started looking at homes. My husband and I couldn’t seem to agree on the “right” home (I’m very particular), until our agent sat us down again and got us all on the same page. He picked out a beautiful home for us to see, and this was at 7pm at night! By the way, this team is VERY fast, ALWAYS available and communicative. That being said, he called the other agent, and just like that- we were on our way to see it. When we walked in, we fell in love. It was our dream home, however there were several other offers on it because it was in such a great neighborhood, and an amazing house.

Our agent immediately got on the phone with the other agent, he used the Bottrell Team’s negotiation skills (they have it down to a science) and immediately got the other agent to want to work with us. He put together a letter for us and that made the seller want us to have his home. We got our offer accepted with multiple offers on the house, and we could not be happier with our experience with our agent and the Bottrell Team. They made a stressful process seem effortless.

We could not have asked for a better experience! If any of our friends and family are looking to buy or sell their home, there’s no doubt in our mind that we will be referring them to these honest, hard-working group of individuals.

Stacy Y.

My husband and I were searching for homes online when we came across the Bottrell Team’s services. They were highly rated as one of the top agencies in the area. We were not disappointed. The Bottrell Team answered all of our questions promptly and gave us great honest advice, never once pressured us in any way. They communicated with us consistently and were always very professional. Once we found a home we loved, they negotiated on our behalf over $5k in closing costs and closed escrow in only 15 days! We are so grateful for their assistance in finding our dream home.


We are very happy with our experience with the Bottrell team. They were very aware of our needs and found the right place, at the right price for us. We would not hesitate in recommending Ardent Real Estate to anyone that needs an experienced professional with excellent skills in the real estate field. Couldn't be happier with my purchase experience.

Kristina V.

“My daughter had worked with the Bottrell Team years ago to purchase her first home. She was such a fan, that I had to use them when I was ready to buy a home myself. They went above and beyond to find exactly what I wanted in my next home. They made sure to stay within my budget and even warned me of some of the unnecessary “junk mail” offers I would receive after my purchase. I’ve owned my home for two wonderful years and am happy to say I will again be using the Bottrell Team to sell my house. As a team, they implement more marketing tactics than any other company and I know they will sell my home for more money than any other agent out there. Thank you to the Bottrell Team for a truly delightful experience.”


We contacted the Bottrell team after we had a disappointing experience with another realtor. With that agent, we had put in an offer on a house we loved and our realtor handled it very poorly. The offer was rejected so we looked for a new agent and were so lucky to find the Bottrell team. Our agent with the Bottrell team was committed to finding us a house that we loved just as much as the first one. He was very knowledgeable about the process and always willing to answer questions. He was also very responsive and always punctual (while never making us feel rushed if he had a following appointment).

After looking at a LOT of houses in the Temecula/Murrieta/Winchester area, the original house we had made an offer on with our old agent was back on the market. Our agent with the Bottrell team presented the same offer and this time got it accepted! He was SO MUCH more knowledgeable about the offer process and gave us concrete answers to our questions (which was a stark contrast to our old agent). He made us feel confident that he was representing our best interests with the selling agent. We're so grateful that we were able to get our dream home thanks to the Bottrell team!


Unmatched in every aspect. The Jim Bottrell Team exceeded every expectation we had. We honestly have nothing but wonderful things to say about our agent and his team. As first-time home-buyers, we had no idea what we were doing, or even where to start. We were going from open-house to open-house with no agent to help us, and with no knowledge of how any of this works. We luckily met our agent from the Jim Bottrell Team at one of the open houses we went to (we weren’t hard to find- a couple looking lost with a notepad in hand, with addresses to go to that were holding open houses). We briefly talked and it didn’t take him long to realize that we needed help and guidance before someone took advantage of us. He told us that he could meet us the very same day, at night, at our hotel on Camp Pendleton- which is where we were currently living because we had just gotten orders here from D.C.

MILITARY! - There aren’t many agents out there that have base access so this was definitely a plus as it was convenient for us. Furthermore, he was an active duty Marine at one point, so naturally we felt comfortable around him. As promised, he arrived to our hotel at night and went over everything with us. The Bottrell Team’s presentation included a form that they use that paints a picture for them of what exactly we want in a home, so that they aren’t wasting our time by showing us homes that didn’t meet out criteria. Our agent also went over a power point with us that showed us every single step of the process- and it’s a LOT. Buying a home is certainly a process and not an event. An agent that helps you buy a home, negotiates for you and represents you is free, so why do it alone and why not choose the best agents out there when it’s free?

Immediately the next day our agent went to work. We were able to call or text him at any time of the day when we wanted to see a home. Him and his team were available 24/7, and they love to reiterate that!

After a week of viewing homes, we finally found the perfect one in the perfect neighborhood. However, there was one problem. This house had only been on the market for 3 days and it had 9 other offers on it. When our agent called the seller’s agent, I remember him telling our agent, “don’t submit the offer, it’s pointless, we have 9 other offers.” However, our agent didn’t give up. He put together a letter for us that made the seller want us to have his home. He also made friends with the seller’s agent and educated him on how experienced the Jim Bottrell Team was and how our lender (Scott Evans Cross Country Mortgage) was the best in the business and that they could close a loan in as little as 19 days. Somehow.. some way.. our agent was able to get our offer accepted with NINE other offers on the table. I mean, seriously, we thought that there was no way he could pull this off. If that isn’t impressive enough, our agent was also able to negotiate for the seller to pay $4,000 of our closing costs! Our lender Jacob Lowery with Scott Evans Cross Country Mortgage paid $5,000 of our closing costs and we got an amazing interest rate! We barely even came out of pocket and landed the home of our dreams!!!

We could not have asked for a better experience. The Jim Bottrell Team is extremely educational, patient, hard-working, persistent and thorough in everything that they do. In the future, if we choose to sell our home or look for a new one, there’s no doubt in our mind that we will be choosing The Jim Bottrell Team again. You will not regret working with them. Good, honest people that care. They treat people like family, not clients.


After being referred to The Bottrell Team from a friend I contacted them And Upon meeting with one of their Team Members, I Knew I would be in good hands! The knowledge of the area and the strategy they use is in my books superb and far above any other Agents/Team.
Living in Escondido I was a little hesitant at first to move to the Temecula Area but after the Jim Bottrell Team Found me a perfect Fit the decision was Easy to move forward with an offer.
The Bottrell Team Won the Offer for me with there Unique Offer Package and By communication with sellers agent was able to get my offer accepted over multiple offers! Before I knew it I was in my New Fully Furnished Temecula Home and was a homeowner!! The Team Was Excellent in there skills and I couldn't Be happier With the whole process, and Outcome.
I will and would Just Like My friend, Also Recommend The Bottrell Team to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, Caring & Creative team to work for them.
Thank You Bottrell Team For all Your efforts and for Knowing Just how to get the Job Done!


Sold our home in 1 day for $15k over asking!

My family and I were living in Imperial, Ca and needed to move closer to my work in Torrance. Like 80% of homeowners, we were stuck in that tricky situation of needing to sell in order to buy. What seemed to be a monster of so many moving parts turned out to be just another seamless transaction that the Bottrell Team easily managed and successfully closed. Their knowledge and experience helped put our minds at ease. Not only did they sell our house quickly and for more money, they were also able to negotiate our contingent offer into acceptance on our current home. Thank you Bottrell Team for helping us!

sachary n.

Our agent from the Bottrell Team was so amazing and helped us every step of the way with our relocation from the Bay Area to San Diego. She was so responsive, knowledgeable, personable, and she made herself available to show us as many homes as we wanted (which was a lot!). She fought for us every step of the way through any issues that arose, and she ultimately helped us win in a multiple offer scenario and get our dream home that I know our family will be so happy in for many years to come. We can’t recommend the Bottrell team enough!


The Bottrell Team did an amazing job helping us sell our home in Perris. Our house sold one week from the day we put it on the market. Their marketing department was amazing and the pictures of our home that were put online really helped sell our house in record time. They also represented us in the purchase of our new home. We really wanted this pool home in Menifee and the Bottrell team made it happen. In spite of all the road blocks and hurdles that one usually jumps through to purchase a short sale, they made what could have been a nightmare a pleasant experience. I will definitely use them if we ever need to sell or purchase a home again.


My husband was getting moved due to Military orders to Coronado Island and we had to relocate our family From Arizona to San Diego. We initially started working with another agent when we decided we weren’t happy or getting what we needed, it is the that we decided to meet with The Bottrell Team. What we learned from that process was that we were wasting our time interviewing other agents and The Bottrell Team and our specific agent clearly stood out and helped schedule and coordinate showings for us which made the process so much easier considering we were from out of town. Our agent was able to get us into the house we wanted in a multiple offer situation.

We had written offers and got beat out due to being VA or things that were out of our control… When we finally found a home we truly thought was “home” and we loved, our agent made sure we got it! With the offer package they made including the letter which let the sellers know a little bit about us and her communication with the other parties we ended up getting the home we loved.

This process was a little crazy, with many ups and downs, our agent kept us informed, fought for us every step of the way and never pressured us to do anything other than what was in our best interest.

Overall, it was a difficult process as many home sales are. I’m very happy that I had an entire team of seasoned professionals working for us that made the process as smooth and profitable as it could have possibly been and now we are in our home and loving it beyond belief.

turi d.

We met with the Bottrell Team over 3 years ago and initially inquired through their property management division as renters. They stayed in contact with us and were ready to help when we decided to make that switch from throwing away money on rent to owning. They listened carefully to our wants and needs in a home and quickly got to work. We had to overcome a few challenging bumps in the road, however the knowledge and expertise of The Bottrell team is unmatched and got us through to the end. They were patient and proactive which sets them above other agents. Our family couldn’t be happier. Thank you Bottrell Team!


I had my home on the market for 6 months and fired my agent. I was told by a neighbor to try The Bottrell Team. So I did! He found a buyer in 3 weeks!!! Needless to say I was very pleased. They were professional and respectful and kind. M. K.


My husband and I were moving from North Carolina to California with little flexibility in our short timeline, and only two days to see anything in-person before making an offer. Most of our house hunting had to be done online until my husband was able to make a solo trip out to see for himself. He put out a few feelers with different real estate agencies and wound up connecting with the Bottrell Team, which turned out to be the biggest blessing in this process. Our agent rearranged her schedule so that she could take my husband around for an entire day (and patiently listen to my feedback on each house over video chat), then she worked tirelessly on paperwork and negotiations as we put an offer down. We didn’t get that first house (only because of my husband’s and my circumstances - absolutely NO fault or lack of effort on our agent’s part), but it was after that when we really felt like she went above and beyond for us. By then, my husband was already back in North Carolina, so we were having to look at houses online again and make a list to send to our agent. She went to every single house on the list in one day, and took video recordings with commentary to send back to help us narrow down the list. She said that after going through the houses with my husband, she felt like she had a good idea of our style and what we were looking for. So when she provided enthusiastic, positive feedback on one house that we had asked her to look at, we knew to trust her. We’re thankful that we did, because we are now in a wonderful house in a safe neighborhood surrounded by very friendly people. This was only our second time buying a house, so we were aware of the possibility of our inexperience and long-distance searching being taken advantage of in some way, but the Bottrell Team did everything in its power to make the process as simple and painless as possible while also making us feel like its top priority. We highly recommend them! Thank you, Bottrell Team!


Me and my partner found the Jim Bottrell Team on Zillow at the time we were just thinking of the idea to buy. We met the Jim Bottrell Team and as we had let it be known that we were thinking of buying somewhere between 6-12 months, well that changed real quick we ended up putting in an offer within the first week and half. We love the fact how the Bottrell Team was very personable they met all of our needs they were not pushy as some agents can be, we loved the fact they were very patient and very attentive to our request in what we were looking for. We had some minor delays but with any process that does happen all in all we were very happy with the Jim Bottrell Team they were there for us and helped us find our very first place, not to mention we have referred two of our friends and the team is working with them as well. We would like to thank the Jim Bottrell Team and Lisa for an outstanding job and good first time experience would definitely use them again when we are ready to buy again.

ruben m.

They stepped in and fought for us through the whole escrow!
We met with the Bottrell Team at a First Time Homebuyer Seminar, And we are so happy we went, we learned so much information that we didn’t know before, and we were paired up with their wonderful team agent Elizabeth Witt who is absolutely amazing. We were able to use the down payment assistance program and buy our beautiful three bedroom two bath townhome in San Diego. They walked us through the whole process and even when the sellers were giving us a hard time our agent stepped in and fought for us through the whole escrow and even more so at the very end negotiating with the sellers demands.

We are so happy that we closed escrow and are finally homeowners!!! Now my husband doesn’t have to wake up at three in the morning and commute hours in traffic at work. We are now seven minutes away from his job, and we are now in a safe neighborhood and don’t need to be worried about anymore vandalism. We are so happy and blessed the Bottrell Team represented us as the buyers agent for this transaction, I refer them to all of my friends and we will definitely use them again in the future. Thank you again! -The Campbell Family

Patty M.

First thing to note is that our realtor through this team helped us to find the perfect home within one week! When we didn't think we would get the home that we really loved he made it happen!

This is our first home and everyone in this team was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Anyone we spoke to walked us through every step of the way explaining everything. They even helped us to find a solution for every problem that arose.

Since we were moving from NorCal to SoCal we couldn't go to our new home right away after we closed. Our realtor checked up on our house frequently, which was very much appreciated because he found that the electricity had been shut off so our grass was dying and our pool was not circulating. He even helped us to fix the issue before we could even move there. Talk about above and beyond! I highly recommend this team to anyone!

christina a.

The Bottrell Team helped us get into our first home when others said we couldn’t! We were working with other realtors prior to meeting the Bottrell Team. All 3 agents and lenders told us that we wouldn’t be able to purchase a home for at least a year - we got very discouraged and were ready to throw in the towel. My wife’s co-worker recommended us to the Bottrell Team. After speaking with them, we were put in touch with their preferred lender Cross Country Mortgage and got approved for more than we expected! What a pleasant surprise! The team quickly got to work, got our offer accepted and voila we are homeowners! Thank you Bottrell Team for your knowledge and guidance throughout this process. We love our home!


Bottrell team was the best and the fastest. We are first time home owner and Bottrell team helped us a lot. Questions we have in mind are all answered by the team. Thank you for guiding us all the way. Bottrell team you are awesome.


We were ready to move into our dream home. However, we had a home to sell so that made things difficult for us because we were looking at being stuck with two mortgage payments. That was something that we could do for only so long so we had to ensure we hired the right agent that we knew could sell our home correctly the first time. We did not have room for mistakes or do-overs.

After interviewing a couple of real estate agents and a couple of teams, only The Bottrell Team really stood out. Run by a former United States Marine, this team ran like a well-oiled machine. It was obvious that there were plans for everything, backup plans for contingencies, checklists, systems, and redundancies. Pretty much everything you would expect from a Marine.

The advertising went as planned, we had a lot of activity on our home, and we had offers pretty quickly. When there were issues with the escrow, as there always are, the Bottrell Team had a plan to work through them. They had people in place to handle the issues, systems to work the issues, and the experience to make everything work out just fine.

We could not be happier with everybody on The Bottrell Team. Amazing group of people and it is also really great that they do so much good work for charities that support our wounded veterans as well as all of the good work they do for sick and underprivileged kids. The Bottrell Team is a really great team, you should get to know them.


The Bottrell Team ROCKS! The moment we met with The Bottrell Team, our fears were relieved and we knew everything we needed to do! Selling a home is scary enough! but ours was a Short Sale and we knew it was going to be challenging! We set an appointment to meet with The Bottrell Team, they were absolutely amazing! Any questions we had about the process were answered right away. After going on the market we knew dealing with a bank wasn’t going to be easy, but The Bottrell Team stepped in and handled everything from start to finish! They really are a top-notch team! They are passionate about what they do and stop at nothing to make sure everything is done and done correctly! We will recommend The Bottrell Team to anyone looking to buy or sell.


The Bottrell Team not only got us 8k in closing costs, but in our home in 16 days!!!

We met The Bottrell Team at one of their first time home buyer seminars. When we met the following week to view properties, the agent sat down with us first and explained the whole process from start to finish. It was great to have an understanding of what was expected of us throughout the home buying process. We are so grateful for the knowledge and expertise they shared with us. They made purchasing our first home easy! After looking at many homes we found the one! It wasn’t on the market, but our agent negotiated with the owner directly and got us into escrow on the home! The whole escrow process went smooth. We worked with The Bottrell Team’s preferred lender Cross Country and they were great as well. We are thankful for The Bottrell Team and all their hard work!


Thank you Bottrell Team for all your hard work and dedication to your clients! As a first time home buyer with no Realtor to really explain the process, I had given up on the thought of buying a home for at least another year. I was frustrated and didn’t have any guidance on how to achieve my goal of buying a home. One of the agents on The Bottrell Team called me to get more information about what exactly I was looking to do. Within minutes they had a plan for me to get into a home earlier than I thought I could. After talking to the lender I was approved! I had to wait about 3 weeks before I could take action, but The Bottrell Team was ready to step in and help as soon as I was ready. They stopped at nothing to find me the perfect house! Not only am I now a home owner, but educated for future properties to generate wealth for me and my family. I’ve made a friend and a forever Realtor!

Ryan B.

The Bottrell Team helped us buy our home several years ago. We are a military family and we very much appreciate that Ardent Real Estate and The Bottrell Team are owned and run by a former Marine. That fact makes us more comfortable for sure as we know they will always be on time, will do exactly what they say they will do, and will not fail.

Today, we are pending military orders and need to sell our home. We met with The Bottrell Team well in advance of our departure date which turned out to be a really great plan because it gave them plenty of opportunity to find buyers for our home.

The Bottrell Team was fantastic in helping us prepare our home for sale. They gave us great advice and great contacts to use. Always helpful and responsive. They were great.

When the time came to go to market, The Bottrell Team had 3 buyers ready to go for our home. Two of them were from their own database of buyers! They did exactly what they said they would do during their Sneak Peak and Pre-Marketing times and that is find buyer for our home. The fact is that they found three of them!

Now we are looking forward to closing escrow and moving on to the next steps in our lives. The Bottrell Team has done an excellent job for us and we recommend them with the highest enthusiasm. They are respectful, communicate well, and they do what they say they are going to do – which is refreshing these days.


I met The Bottrell Team at one of their VA seminars. They got me in escrow on my first home in 7 Days! When I decided that it was time to whole-heartedly focus on what I wanted in this life and go for it! Purchasing a home was it, I take pride as a single mother of 3 knowing I’m investing in my future and the generational wealth for my children! I had the privilege of working with The Bottrell Team and Cross Country Mortgage when I purchased my home. I’m grateful for the knowledge and expertise they shared with me. They made purchasing my first home easy! The whole escrow process went smooth and any questions I had were answered. Thank you to the team I had behind me working hard to make sure I had a smooth transaction.

Heather showed me around and she made it fun and exciting!

Tiffany D.

I hired the Bottrell Team to sell my house.

To sell any home for top dollar, the seller, the Real Estate agent and their assistants all have to function as team trying to create win-win deals.

They gave excellent advice.

My home sold quickly largely because the Bottrell team's determination to meet deadlines and be receptive to my needs. There were many people who examined my home until one purchased it after being on the market about 2 1/2 weeks.

I liked the business savvy non offensive manner that Jim and Tim both displayed. They were very well mannered and very pleasant to work with.

Decluttering the house prior to taking the photos made the house look immaculate. That was a very intelligent strategy that paid off.

As a former a former private college instructor, I'd give them an "A".

Would I hire them again, yes. I would not hesitate to do that.

Hopefully, my house will close escrow on Aug 5th.


I had met with a few agents prior to meeting the Bottrell team and it wasn't really a pleasant experience. It felt generic, it wasn't personal, and it didn't give my family confidence in the process. I then met with an agent from the Bottrell Team and was immediately impressed by the professionalism, structure, and confidence of the team. After a thorough introduction with the agent and an overview of what the Bottrell Team was all about, my agent quickly got down to business finding homes for my family. Three days later we found the perfect home and after an evening of reflecting, my wife and I called our agent and said we were ready to make an offer. Withing 3 hours we had a signed agreement below asking price and we opened escrow the next day. As a first time home buyer, I was anxious about every step of the process but my agent was able to answer all of my questions all hours of the evening and also referred us to a great home inspector and lender, both of which we were extremely pleased with. My agent moved paperwork extremely effectively which allowed the process to move along quickly without feeling overwhelmed.
Throughout the entire process it was clear that my family was put first. We are now happy homeowners thanks to Jim Bottrell and his elite team.


These people are ROCKSTARS!

When it came time to sell our home we set up interviews with top agents in the area. The Bottrell Team was the second team that we met with.

We had no previous experience as we have never sold a home before so we really didn’t know what to expect when meeting with agents.

Even before we went to market The Bottrell Team had buyers for our home. That worked well for us because we were in the process of moving and going quickly worked well for us. They also demonstrated mastery of negotiations as they were able to negotiate the Buyer to pay the top of our price range with terms that worked in our favor as well.

When the buyer did their inspections, we could have had a lot of problems. The report detailed a number of issues with the house (some minor, some not). They Buyer wanted us to fix a lot of things and give them a credit on top of that. However, The Bottrell Team negotiated on our behalf and got us a much better solution than we expected. Again, these rockstars knocked it out of the park with their negotiation skills.

The Bottrell Team is really something special. They did such a great job for us especially for our moving situation and compressed timeline. We got everything we dreamed for and more.

If you are thinking of buying or selling, you need to call The Bottrell Team.


ABSOLUTELY the best team to work with! I fully recommend The Bottrell Team to anyone looking to buy or sell! As a first time homeowner I was a bit scared starting the process but they made me feel comfortable and secure. They were always available for me and worked hard on my behalf. When we first opened escrow the sellers had a bit of a hiccup and delayed the process a bit. Jim, The Bottrell Team’s awesome broker, stepped in and made sure I got into my home as promised! I couldn’t be more thankful for what they did for me. From start to finish this team knew exactly what they were doing! The fact that Jim knew the broker representing the sellers was an added bonus that helped me in the end. This team is very well connected and had awesome lenders that made it super easy for me to reach my goal of homeownership. I couldn’t be anymore satisfied!!! Thank you Bottrell Team for helping me with the biggest investment of my life!!


I had the pleasure of working in the Bottrell team in the purchasing of my first home. I attended one of the team's VA home buyer seminar where they educated me on the home buying process and The Bottrell team assisted me every step of the way and ensured the process was the least stressful on me. My realtor from the Bottrell Team, Elizabeth showed me the home I bought and I fell in love with it right away. The team was able to put in an offer a couple of hours later and we ended up in a multiple counter situation and almost lost it but my realtor was aggressive and fought for it on my behalf and was able to get it accepted. We opened escrow right away and closed 16 days later! I'm more than happy with the entire experience and would recommend them to future home buyers. I'm a first time home buyer and I thought this process was going to be a lot harder than it was but it was surprisingly very easy. My daughter and I are in the perfect home for the two of us and I'm so thankful! Thank you Bottrell Team!

Gabriella b.

The Bottrell Team not only helped me get my first home, they got me 8k in closing costs and a Home Warranty. I needed to find an agent that understood the Military, VA loans, and could really help me achieve my home buying goals. I went to one of The Bottrell Team’s VA seminars and The Bottrell Team and the lender Cross Country Mortgage were amazing! They gave so much information to help me understand the process. They also have a background in Military and do a lot to help the Military community. They both made the home buying process so smooth! After looking at homes and finding the one I wanted, The Bottrell Team and Cross Country worked fast to get me in my home in 19 days! And may I add without having to put any money down!! It was the best feeling to get keys to my very own home and no longer throw away my money on renting! Thank you to The Bottrell Team for all your hard work!


The Bottrell Team got our offer accepted and 10k under asking Price! We had the privilege of working with The Bottrell Team when we purchased our first home. We are grateful for the knowledge, patience, and expertise The Bottrell Team shared with us. They made purchasing our first home easy! When we first started this process as first time home buyers, we didn’t know where to begin. After meeting with The Bottrell Team we had a great understanding of what we needed to do to accomplish our goals of owning a home. After looking at many homes, we found the one! The escrow process went smooth and any questions we had were answered promptly. We had a great experience purchasing a home and we are thankful for all The Bottrell Team’s hard work!

gabe12 o.
Jim Bottrell, Broker/Founder

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